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    Happy Brexit day everyone

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    There is now a chance that this event will be delayed. More info to follow.

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    Almost 2 years ago 10 of you voted to go to France on the 24th March. So we are going.

    Contrary to prevailing behaviour, I have done some preparation. Last September I tested out a route (on the same day as Anton's legendary birthday), and I can confirm that it was beautiful, and indeed full of sunlit uplands.

    For the trip itself in a couple of weeks, I have chartered a ferry with a small company called Seabourne. Given the proximity to Brexit, we are lucky that they have availability. As a bonus the skipper has told me that they will probably be able to serve us food for our crossing (most likely pizzas). We are hoping to alight at Calais, but there is a slight possibility that we will have to go to Ostend instead. But that should be fine as we can cycle just along the coast to join the route.

    Of course the other part to the journey will be getting to Ramsgate. The ferry leaves at 7am, and trains will be a little difficult at the time. As we all like bikes the best idea would therefore seem to be to ride down. If we leave London by 1:30am we should get to Ramsgate in time for the ferry.

    So, everything is in hand. We are going to France, and we are going to make a success of it.

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    BREAKING: Owing to the dubious weather forecast the event might be rescheduled. I'll keep you posted...

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    Yeah, I know, but pub talk innit (albeit from highly credible performance athletes).

    They can still go along and compete.

    It's more to let Brixton know about the confirmed catering numbers. But even then, with tomorrow's potential showers, I'd expect a few dropouts, so there will almost certainly be more than enough bacon to go round.

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    Based on the discussion above I have let Brixton know that there will be 0 (zero) entrants from CS Grupetto at tomorrow's Brixpetto WHCC 2018.

    (I'm certain you will still be able to turn up and ride if you do want to...)

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    I got an email from Brixton last night to let us know that they are holding the hill climb in a couple of weeks.

    They asked whether we would be involved, and I replied to say that I didn't think it likely that there would be enough people to help out, but I would ask if anyone wanted to lend a hand, or otherwise just ride.

    If you do want to go along then let Brixton know (if only so they can add numbers for the catering). I'm happy to check back in here just before the event and pass on the details.