• 49 Penn ar Bez, Landeda, Bretagne, 29870
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  • I think if we all just say we are riding with CS Grupetto then that should be enough

  • Sounds good Ant.

  • 22nd April race

  • Waheyyyy

  • FFS - sorry guyz

    Must have been looking at the 2018 calendar

    Makes sense with sportive day before on Sunday 21st... Im going mad

    Still we need to make a decision on when to come back as was planning originally on leaving area at 12pm on the 22nd Monday to catch the 4.30pm Ferry....

    That would be nuts with the race going on so we can either take the ferry that night to be back in Portsmouth v early on the 23rd or leave later the 23rd obvs and do a day ‘cruise’ as before and be home late aft or evening

    Are people ok to take some / all of the next day off?

  • Either arrangement is okay with me.

  • Like a well lubricated Damo, I’m easy.

  • Ferry Booked
    OUT Fri 19th April - Portsmouth to St Malo 20.15 to 08.15
    BACK Monday 22nd April - Caen to Portsmouth 23.00 to 06.45
    £890 total cost so £222.50 each

    Will look at accom soon

  • Commodore Suite !?

  • One posh one was available for £195 on way out... nothing for way back.

    I thought 2 x 4 person large outward facing ones each way would suffice. Bit more space and a window that will be pitch black anyway right...

    That way we also have a spare bed for a 5th person if that situation occurs.

  • In case someone pulls?

  • I went to a seafood disco once.

    Pulled a mussel.

  • @dommyracer can sleep on balcony...

  • With an average age of over 70yrs - bring on the Gilfs

  • Bit more space and a window that will be pitch black anyway right...

    Berghain vibes

  • Accom booked: 49 Penn ar Bez, Landeda, Bretagne, 29870

    We cant have an early check in on the 20th or a late check out on the 22nd - but we can make do and change in the car before the ride on the 20th etc and then shower on the ferry on the 22nd etc

    Can everyone make sure that they register for the sportive - I cant imagine that it will sell out but lets make sure... I am going to contact them once we are all registered and ask how to send the funds to them...

  • Votre inscription a bien été enregistrée !

  • Well done mate.

  • Heard back from the sportive organiser and he said we can pay on the day as long as we are all registered... seems v low key

    On monies:

    The cost of the ferry is £890 total cost so £222.50 each... I have paid £222.50 already and the balance of £667.50 is due on the 18th February.

    The cost of the house is £259.23 so £64.80 each... I have paid £129.62 already and the balance of £129.61 is due on the 5th April

    Can @Ved pay me the £222.50 by the end of January and then everyone pay the additional £64.80 by the end of March please.

    Thanks @DavidM and @Graham for their ferry payments.

    89239369 / 60-07-33

  • Will ping you the house monies this evening. Cheers again for sorting.

  • You dont need to - might as well keep it in your account until its needed at the end of march

  • I have some cash-flow issues but I am good for it.

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TRO BRO LEON - FINISTERE, BRITTANY - Late 19th to early 23rd April 2019

Posted by Avatar for Anton_D @Anton_D