Rapha Hell of the North

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  • Did she go to school with Shaniqua?

  • Lolz.

    It is a stupid ride, but fun and lots of old LFGSS faces turn up for it.

  • I did the first one in 2009 I think. Pretty sure Hippy was there in a Grupetto jersey.

  • I did that one too. Was a nice local affair but the route was so silly I vowed never to do again.

  • Yeah, I didn't go back either.

  • Actually I think it was 2010 - just before I'd met you, Jay, Nick etc.
    This sent me on a nostalgia trip and I looked up the old SSTC thread on that LFGSS forum.


  • Ahhh. The halcyon days of the fixie forum. When I could go and ride a bike without have to check a fucking shared calendar and see stuff like "hair", "away with girls" or "Olivia party".

    I might revisit Scarlett's Learning Curve route sometime.

    Don't know who the "deleted" person was tho. Sounds a little bit jumped up.


  • What a wanker I was/am.

  • Andyp internet bullying back in the day.

    Was this the time when you had to try and hide from Ludwig who was 'stalking' you?

  • That forum is awful, and this is coming from a huge forum bellend.

  • Marcom being marcom.

  • I never did get why he got so angry about people posting in that thread after rides finished for the year. Don't think they ever got started again either.

  • A good forum ride, January 2010 :0)

  • Another good one. Scarlett's Learning Curve with the man himself, Jonny, James, and Purple Martin, June 2010.

  • I hope Scarlett is well, lovely guy. Pretty sure I saw a picture of him on Twitter he had some head surgery.

  • Not on twitter anymore afaik.

  • That learning curve.

  • Bastard unfollowed me.

  • All that guff you keep constantly tweeting.

  • ;0)

  • Skin cancer op. Seems to be doing Ok.

    Have a lot of time for him. Spent many occasions at either the front or the back of a TNRC or other ride discussing each others kids.

  • Same in real life.

  • You clearly don't follow me either.

  • I only dip in and out, young Vedran.

    But to answer your question, what was the good news about CS9? The fact that 60% want it, or is it actually going ahead?

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Rapha Hell of the North

Posted by Avatar for Señor_Bear @Señor_Bear