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  • Just putting it out there - previously my little adventures have gone down badly but might as well keep trying!

    Sometimes people have some family cover after boxing day allowing them to get away - that might not be the case this year of course.

    My parents have a place in Amberley BN18 and I plan to ride from Winchester City centre to the house the day after boxing day... its about 50 miles on the SDW.

    When I arrive home I will be drinking....

    Not sure who is about at that time but its an easy train to winchester... then back from Amberley is also main line.

    All who think they can manage that are welcome... bring a bag of stuff to Winchester and my wife can take it back to the house so you can change etc

    Food and beverage will be provided...

    This is MTB or Cross bike territory

    Dont worry - thats Puig Major in the snow

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  • In.

  • Can someone drive me there?

  • Uber?

  • Forest hill cars?

  • Lovely bit of route.

  • If the map is accurate, you'll need a flight there and back.

  • I'm not sure if that's an indication of @Anton_D 's map reading skills or not, but anyone considering doing this should be reassured by the fact that the route is well signposted.

  • I'd love to join you @Anton_D but am going down with the family to stay with my folks on the 27th, just a 25 minute drive from Winchester too.

  • Good point Andy about the start location!

    If you need an exit plan for the 27th you are of course welcome....

  • Probably worth checking whether Mountain Rescue are working on the 27th

  • I just checked with Katy and she is around all day... and I have a leatherman so we are sorted

  • Excellent. I've got a Ray Mears book. I can lend it to you.

  • Plus Dovs ex military so we should be ok... we can take out some machine gun positions along the ridge as we go

  • I don't have a Mtb. Cross bike ?

  • Yeah cross is absolutely fine but its a bit bumpy in parts... I will be on a dual sus which is heavy AF but comfy... Dov has the best bike for this... do come

  • This looks good but I'm back in Belfast on this date, enjoy!

  • Can nay do. Logistics of this are too silly.

  • Ok fair enuf - from London with no car... thanks for letting me know in good time

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CANCELLED - 27th December - SDW Winchester / Amberley then mucho beers

Posted by Avatar for Anton_D @Anton_D