CS Grupetto Open Season Track Event 2017

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  • Herne Hill Velodrome
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  • Consider it done.

  • I will pick up sausage.


  • Yeah still got walkie talkies. will bring them along

  • For those not signed up to help out please note rule 7 http://www.csgrupetto.co.uk/club-rules/

  • Might be able to do sign on. Will know in a day or so.

  • Looks like sign-on is full!

  • I'm really sorry I can't be there Ricky :(

    I'm trying to wangle a new role at work so that I can get my Saturday's back!

  • @dave_mac I am going to come to this and happy to do as I am told - be that helping out or riding... I have no clue what I have to do for either of those scenarios :/ BUT I am keen so thats half the battle...

    Do also need to get over one Saturday for a proper skills session

  • What's left?
    We've got a full crew of racers right?

  • Live statistical analysis. Can you knock up some real-time data science? Some infographics?

  • Or you could be Global Head of Data Integrity? Actively ensure that the sign-on sheets are filled out correctly/legibly, and that they can be matched to the categories used in the racing, etc.

  • Chief Licence Manager? Alphabetise the licences so they can be returned quickly?

  • Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make it. So @Demeaux can do sign on.

    I've a two week window for a family holiday and there's an important work extravaganza in one of them so I'll be in France for this now. 🙁

  • Prize Computator? Match the prize bounty to the races, and do the science that distributes the cash accordingly (while saving enough for us to cover our costs & fees)?

  • Emergency Sign-On Response Officer? To ensure that anyone who comes along late can sign on (which happens from time to time, and we normally do it for the kids). Obviously the intention is to get included on race lists, and subsequently results. And take (and account for) their money.

  • Parking Director. Ensure that people park appropriately, and don't block the emergency access in the event of us needing ambulances and fire engines to turn up.

  • How about chief swearer?

  • I might be able to do some excel stuff

  • Ha! That reminds me of last year. Nailed it, turned round to walk back and two twunts had a crash.

  • Is anyone racing?

    @Ved How's that Team Sprint selection coming along?

  • You can shout at the riders who are eliminated in the devil. Its a key role , denny had made it his speciality but as he is away , you can take it.

    You will be in a charge of a walkie talkie, a clip board, some paper and a pen .

  • Great. In.

  • ZERO interest so far bro

  • I'm up for riding :0)

    Jody Cundy said I had a big future on the track.

    Said I was a good swearer too. He'd probably like you, Damo.

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CS Grupetto Open Season Track Event 2017

Posted by Avatar for dave_mac @dave_mac