Cross training at Crystal Palace

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  • We haven't done this since the beginning of December, which is shocking, so let's try and squeeze in a few more before the end of the season. I've still got 4, possibly 5, races to go so the season is nowhere near finished yet.

  • It's Jan and I have two leaving events scheduled for both Thursdays!! Normally I would swerve, but I quite like these people.

  • My season is done but I'm up for training.

  • I'm flexible on which evening, if that helps?

  • I was going to ask, but Tues and Wed don't really work sadly.

  • Am I being helpful?

  • Wot no team champs?

  • 7 days from drop date.

  • I think.

  • wow

  • sad face

    but also happy face

  • 13 Feb. I'm shitting it and unprepared. Bit like racing.

  • Some good news, the Grape and Grain is open in its current form until the end of Feb.

  • Thank fuck for that.

  • I can run you through the 'having a second one is way easier' schtick over a Duvel.

  • Haaaa. The first one is taking years off me at the moment. I'm pretty sure we're all restless and just want to get going.

  • Another hipster refit?

  • Worse, it's going to be a 'spoons.

  • VĂ©ro went to wetherbrexitspoons in Balham the other night, and she was pleasantly surprised. It was late so I think all the "locals" had passed out already.

  • They one in Forest Hill has a great beer selection.

    A real shame that Tim Martin is 100% Brexit

  • @Demeaux - is there anything you wanted to specifically do tomorrow night? I'm hoping the water in the ground will thaw during the day tomorrow so it'll be a bit slippy underfoot, ideal for practicing some cornering.

  • Cornering really, I'd say carrying. But tbh, any tekkers would be great.
    I've had a "good christmas".

  • Okay, I'll bring cones. I've got a great little corner to finish with, technically challenging in the mud and less climbing to the pub afterwards.

  • If ya gonna chew up the grass, don't wear club kit!

  • And good luck with MF.

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Cross training at Crystal Palace

Posted by Avatar for andyp @andyp