CX training - Thursday 17th November

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  • South Norwood Country Park
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  • Exciting times, a change of venue this week! I've a little circuit in mind, which will be similar to one I rode a couple of weeks ago on this ride -­377 - which is close to Albert Road.

    I suggest we meet at the crossing over the tram line, close to the childrens play park and cafe, if you know it.

    I have no knowledge of pubs in the area. Will investigate.

  • I would be swerving the pubs on that side of the tracks whilst in lycra.

  • I think you are probably right.

    We could go to the Goldsmiths in Penge, or ride up the hill and go to the Grape and Grain as normal.

  • Now I know there is a train straight home every 1/2 hour from CP, a ride up the hill sounds do-able. Hope the weather holds.

  • Will there be any dog shit present?

  • Possibly

  • Now I know the pub does Duvel, a ride up the hill is do-able too.

  • I have to clean that bike before Thursday. It's had a quick hose blast and been sprayed with disinfectant. But that was HUGE....and knobbly tyres :-(


  • I suggest we meet at the crossing over the tram line, close to the childrens play park and cafe, if you know it.

    Where is this please? Have scanned using Google Maps but can't work it out.

  • Are you coming then @Sam ?

  • Maybe. Work from home Thursdays until 7pm, but they've screwed me over completely lately, so thinking "sod it", and catching the 18:44 from West Malling that gets into Bromley South at 19:20. It's just over 4 miles from there, so I wouldn't get there though until at least 7:35pm, if that's Ok.

    Will confirm attendance Thursday.

  • It would be great to see you, and we don't take a register so arrive when you can.

  • ...just look for the fools in lycra mucking around in the dark.

  • Damn and blast. The missus 'forgot' to put something in the calendar for tomorrow night.

    Maybe next time!

  • Shame

  • Does your calendar work in the same way as ours? If I forgot to put something in, then tough shit, but if Andrea forgets it's fine.

  • Ha ha, yes!

  • I f'ing hate bikes. How can such simple things cause so much grief?

    Number 1 cross bike has dodgy tyre (thanks Maxxis), no problem go to number 2 cross bike, find that it is leaking from back tyre, needs brake blocks and cables are fraying. Ok no problem I'll meet Andy and damo on the commuter. WHAT!!?? A bloody puncture!!

    So out for tomorrow and I can't get the Airshot to fix the two cross bike tyre issues. ARGH!!

  • How bad is the leak on the second bike? Can you not pump it up hard before you leave in the morning, then top it up if required. Quite often tyres leak because they've not been bedded down properly, so actually riding on it can resolve the issue.

  • On its own, probably fine, but it's a worry and combined with the other issues I'd rather not risk it.

  • And despite two cleans there is still poo on the tyres. Sniff

  • Are you in the office on Friday? Could drop the airshot back to you in the afternoon.

  • Oh, you legend. That would be great, thanks

  • Frayed cables

    All my bikes described right there.

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CX training - Thursday 17th November

Posted by Avatar for andyp @andyp