Cross training - 20th October

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  • That time again, the usual drill so a mix of short races with some skills sessions in between.

    It was dismounts and remounts last week, open to suggestions for this week.

  • Cornering - that left hand corner by the tree or something similar, so down hill technically challenging/grow a pair corners?
    chase fest in between the trees
    dismounts / remounts - it can't hurt right?
    chase fest - hopefully on the first course we ever did?

    braking? I dunno what i mean here, but I'm pretty sure i scrub more speed off than necessary, and / or brake too early/late.

    chase fest on the long tt section?
    get dicked by sam up anerley?

    compare down jackets at the pub.

  • I had a short bike handling training session on Hyde Park this morning.

    Don't call me Sven.

  • Braking and cornering sound good. Pick a tight corner(s) and watch each other handle it and provide feedback. Try to push the speed to the point of failure to gain (and hopefully not lose) confidence. Pick a sweeping corner, repeat the above.

  • we should all do an off-road ride. L2B off road?

  • I'll be MIA again this thursday - picking up keys to new home!

    Yes to an off-road ride of some length - L2B off road would be funishment.

  • I want to fall off this session.

    @dommyracer : congratyluations.

    @Graham : yes.

  • Congrats Dommy

  • I shall consult the ride planner and out up a date.

  • I've done an East Croydon to Brighton off-road a few times. It's good fun.

    Aim for a dry spell. That epic Downs Link section would be a bit of a slog in the mud.

  • Congratulations Dommy!

  • Can't make it this week :-(. Have to drop car off at garage so they can work on it on Friday.

  • I've just realised, Alex is in Barce-fucking-lona.


  • Bedwetting all round.

  • oof!

  • Don't get angry

  • argh!!! :)

  • Can't find a CX thread. Was there one?

    Who is going to Herne Hill on Sunday?

  • I'm not sure, you could start one though...

  • Started a season thread here -Ā­ons/294619/

    @Ricky, if that's the wrong place can you move it?

  • So I'm assuming this is off tonight and won't be attending.

    Especially as I managed to wipe out at Bethlem earlier, and took a fairly heavy landing on my right hand side. At least it shows I was trying.

  • Ooof. Hope it's nowt serious.

    Payback perhaps for yesterday's Facebook video? LOL

    Why am I the only bugger who's signed up for Sunday? Do you wait til the last minute to freak out the opposition?

  • Took a blow to my right thigh which is a bit tender.

    I kept forgetting to enter, I've just done it now, thanks for the prompt.

  • Hope that loosens up b4 Sunday. Chaps for pushing hard.

    No go for me tonight or next week. Gonna be in "sunny" Wales.

  • Me neither. My bikes will probably be in boxes.

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Cross training - 20th October

Posted by Avatar for andyp @andyp