Cross training - 13th October

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  • Are we on for this again this week?

    I'm on my easier week, training wise, so won't be giving it full gas but will still turn up and do some drills.

  • You'll still stay half a lap out....

  • My wed night out has been postponed, so might be in.

  • So in the end Jones the Bank will be able to corner, but what about dismounts?

    < joeysokvideo >

  • I wish I could bloody make these Thursday nights. Then again, I wish i could make some actual CX races! Have a week Sunday at Herne Hill pencilled in.

  • It'll be good to see you. We can bitch about train operators, as Southern are singlehandedly destroying my season. Engineering works, for the third time in 6 races, means I'll miss the race on October 30th.

  • I've managed to avoid all training this week.

  • Tapering?

    Srs bznz.


    That would imply I've got a program.

  • Nice to know that Sven got his remount technique from myself.

  • I'll be MIA tonight - costochondritis has flared up again, I need an early night.

  • I sort of did a Joeys Ok earlier practising dismounts. Approached the rail sleepers a bit too quick, already had my right leg swung over and hand on the top tube. Realised I was a bit speedy and tried to feather the rear brake, but nothing happened and before I knew it I was almost at the sleepers. Tried to unclip but it stayed in, and the front wheel slid away from me, with my left leg finally unclipping and going through the diamond of the frame. Very lucky not to get punctured skin from the chainring. Got my shoes dirty tho :0(

  • I hope it was only your pride that was bruised @Sam?

    I may be slightly late tonight, Andrea is going to be home later than usual.

  • Yes, thanks. Whack on the bars put the wheel slightly off centre, but I smacked it into said railway sleepers to straighten it back!

  • Hope it clears up soon. You'll be missed, as you were last week.

  • Karma for claiming Sven's technique for your own. Tut tut.

  • No, I'm just shit at it!

    Annoying, as when I did the Incredibly Cross race last December I made up all of my positions when off the bike.

  • Superprestige - Zonhoven is live on Bike Channel this Sunday at 2:30pm :0) There was a CX race last Sunday on there too, but noticed it too late.

  • Was just telling @Demeaux and @biarittz about this, caught the last half hour of the Ronse race on Sunday.

  • Is it only on free view? Can I point a computer at it?

  • Needless to say, but gonna anyway, it's not as easy as Sven makes it look.

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Cross training - 13th October

Posted by Avatar for andyp @andyp