Cross training - 6th October

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  • Crystal Palace Park
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  • Last week's training session worked well I thought, so let's replicate again this week.

    The format will be;

    10 min warm up race
    15 min skills session
    10 min race
    15 min skills session
    10 min race

    I've set the venue as Crystal Palace again but am open to other suggestions. One night in the next week or so I'm going to go out and scope a couple of other possible venues to see how much light they get from street lighting.

  • Is there any specific area people want to work on? I was thinking more cornering, as you can always improve your cornering and maybe some starting practise?

  • this thread title always make me think there's a Crossfit thread on the forum.

  • Cornering and starts are defo weak spots for me. Just hope I can make this week.

    Not really going to help Dommy with his current whip, but would be good to discuss techniques for shouldering the bike.

  • Cornering. Fast into slow turns?
    And fast out of slow turns?

    Starting practice is good.

  • I am both full of cold and have managed to tweak something in my neck, so that turning my head is painful. I still plan to come along tonight, assuming things don't deteriorate (well, any faster than they are already) further.

  • Reading the first sentence is a classic build-up to a "and I'm not coming" but then that unexpected twist. Wow. Kudos.

  • Andy's part man, part machine, part Belgian.

  • Drugs do work, take all the painkillers. Hope you get better soon Andy.

  • In.

  • Yay! Bring something warm.

  • Yeah. Last week....brrrrr.

  • Right.
    Sam: do you want to come to mine before hand or are you going to be at work?

    Andy: See you there

    @dommyracer: are you coming?

  • Can you bring my spare light mount please?

  • Fanks Damo - I'll be heading straight there. Plenty to do here.

  • Already on the bike....
    Do you want these file treads as well?

  • Another good session and pint. Enjoyed cornering on my way in to work this morning after the AndyP masterclass last night.

    The insulated gilet wasn't much cop at the pub but nice and cosy on the ride home.

  • Apparently, someone got mugged/chased in the park last night. Over by Sydenham Avenue exit.
    Facebook, so unsure of truthfulness.

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Cross training - 6th October

Posted by Avatar for andyp @andyp