Cross Training - Thursday the 29th of September

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  • Crystal Palace Park
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  • Let's do this again and see if we can make a regular event of it.

    Proposed format will be;

    • 1o min warm up race
    • 15 min skills session
    • 10 min race
    • 15 mins skills session
    • 10 min race
    • pub

    I was thinking of working on slow speed cornering this week, so a figure of 8 type drill.

    Let's meet up at the bottom of the main stairs, in the car park, where we ended up last week.

  • I went to practice my remounts at the weekend, but my saddle was not happy at the abuse. It made a nasty noise and re-positioned itself in an unwelcoming way!

  • Today I'll be riding on tubs.

  • Posh!

    Sadly, I was up too late last night, so I am out..... smash you all to death!!! Whooooohooooo.

    It's not raining is it?

  • It was raining. it might rain some more.
    Then I won't be on tubs.

  • Boo....silly rain. Don't want to get muddy.

  • It'll take a lot more than half an hour of rain to create any mud around here.

  • does not compute.

  • I'll be there on the bouncy bike again

  • That second pint. I don't think I needed it.

  • I'm slightly regretting my only pint this morning.

    I am such a lightweight these days.

  • Emma laughed at me when I got home. Said I stinked and looked drunk. Defo felt that 2nd pint on the ride back.

  • Another great session, thanks Andy, Damo and Dommy. Really enjoyed the Madison, was good to go full guns, rather than holding back as I always do.

    Might be missing the next two weeks due to work things, gonna have withdrawal symptoms.

  • I didn't need the second pint either but by god, I enjoyed it.

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Cross Training - Thursday the 29th of September

Posted by Avatar for andyp @andyp