Cross training – Thursday, the 22nd

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  • Crystal Palace park
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  • Roughly where the pointer is on the map above.

  • Should I bring tubs?

  • sets it up

  • This is the only tub you'll need...

  • Are we going to the pub after?
    I mean, we should. BUT. 1 week until the hill climb. etc and so on.

    Pub then?

  • Thanks Andy for organizing. That was really useful and a great way to de-stress after a pap day at work.

  • Yeah nice one Andy.
    Next week?

  • Nice to dommé on his way to this. Looking #rad2theMAX

  • I'm happy to make this a regular thing, so yeah, let's do next week.

    If there's anything you want to work on, let me know and I'll try and find some suitable drills.

  • I enjoyed the 10 minute chase fest.

    I've texted Jones the Bank about this. I think it might be "fun" to make one of the chase fests into a hare and hounds thing. Send someone off in front, they have to stay away, others have to catch. Dunno. Just more variation.

    Usual stuff otherwise, cornering, tyre pressures, tyre choice, bottom bracket height discussions, mounting/remounting, running the steps.

  • I think something like this would work well;

    5 minute warm up sussing out a course
    10 minute chase fest
    15 minute skills session
    10 minute chase fest
    15 minute skills session
    10 minute chase fest

    We could do handicap races, singlespeed races, winner makes up the next race rules races, just mix it up a bit.

  • Sounds good. I baulked at the thought of the race last night, but thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • This all sounds well organised and fun. Chapeau :)

    If I had a CX bike I might even be tempted to join in...

  • This was top fun, even on the Mounting Byk. Only fell off twice.

    Could come on an MTB Will....?

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Cross training – Thursday, the 22nd

Posted by Avatar for Ricky @Ricky