CSG Social: Fondue evening

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  • Unfortunately I'm going to have to drop out- i seem to have caught some kind of stomach bug. If anyone wants it and is able, please take my place.

  • Good point Ved, where we meeting?

  • Oh bugger, sorry to here that Dan.

  • 😢

  • Currently at the south bank. Vero and I are going to take a leisurely stroll. See you at the pub or venue depending.

  • I'm here on my own. Like a loser.

    Nice ale though.

  • We are all at venue

  • I really smell of cheese right now...

    Thank you all for coming. I learned a lot from this evening, please get in touch with any feedback you want to share with me, I'm well up for it. Rumour has it Will has drafted an awesome survey you could all do if you wanted.

    Big thanks to Will for helping out, I couldn't have done it without him, and to everyone else who pitched in to help tidy up.

    Sorry you guys didn't get around to the sorbet and gentian. I left the sorbet behind :(

    I hope you all thought the food delicious and you had a great time.

    For the next one, I think just the one fondue, be a bit stricter with timings, and look for another venue with more space and functionality.

    Nick, that bread is the shit.

  • Wow.

    That was really good Nath.

    Amazing fondue. I will send you a more detailed note on feedback (all positive).

    I slept really well. No cheesy dreams ;)

  • Nicks bread is another level.

    I've had a lot of shop bought sourdough, but Nicks trumps them all (no pun intended).

  • Gutted to miss this. Looks like fun.

  • You lot are brilliant. cheese bread surveys. Good work!

  • Right, here's a quick survey. It's just 1 page. Bang it out while you can still remember. Props.


    If you want to go freestyle then whack everything into the box at the end.

    Obviously your feedback will be massively helpful for Nathan's for his Melted Cheese plans.

  • Thanks Nathan and Will!

  • Fantastic night, I managed to survive my PT this morning so good result all round. I loved it all last night and I'll give constructive feedback on Will's survey but it was good fun and as a first run to see what works and what to improve I thought it was very impressive.

    Thanks to Nath(C) and the Grumpies who helped out. It's a special club this place.

  • Lovely evening, thanks to Nath and Will and everyone else who helped out.

    I'm thinking of retiring my horn and opening a hipster bakery in Haggerston.

  • Too late for that - wanker bread market is totally saturated there.

  • HornGrainz

  • Thanks Nath & Will. Never had so much cheese in one sitting!

  • We need some survey responses to help Nathan out.


    We've had 1 response so far. Let's get as many as we can. It will only take a couple of minutes.

  • Will, you really are an excellent, helpful and organised man. I salute you sir!

  • I'm 80% done will.

  • Good man. Keep pushing on through :)

  • We have 5 responses to the survey now. Thank you.


    Keep them coming - it's the perfect activity for a hazy Sunday afternoon.

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CSG Social: Fondue evening

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