Cross season 2018/19

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  • Will be great to see ya. Welcome back.

  • Well that went well :-)

    12.5 hour shift at work stopped play. FMJ

  • Miriam had an ear infection, I hate it when she's right. Trip to Beckenham beacon was enlivened by seeing 6pt.

    But my gram followers would know that.

  • Hope Miz is feeling better now. Was 6pt ok?

  • I’d forgotten how much my parents don’t get their granddaughters. Cue a fractious day of peacekeeping and realising that there was no way I could leave them all at home whilst I raced and expect to come home to harmony.

  • Tom was awesome.
    He asked when my next kid was due after I stuck my belly out.
    Miz slowly getting back to being back from holiday.

    Re : parents. They just don't understand.

    My in laws are brilliant, as you can imagine Miriam can be trying. They get her. No way would I leave them with my parents.

  • It's generation divide too far sometimes.

  • My dad helped me out by bringing his drill with him (ours is locked in the girls' school after Andrea forgot to retrieve it before the summer hols) so I could drill out the cable stop to allow for internal Di2 cable routing.

    As we did it, he asked what the plan was then said there was no way we were going to get the cable out of that hole. Edie was 'helping' when he said this, so today I asked her if she wanted to prove Grandad wrong. She was well up for it and super helpful, so we now have a Di2 cabled cross bike which is currently having the battery charged. Still have the BB, cranks and chain to fit, but we've made significant progress today and Edie cannot wait to lord it over Grandad.

  • Edie can't wait or you can't wait?

    Either way, good work!

  • Does Edie want to reseal my tyres?
    I haz cash monies for those Vittoria btw. If they're still available?

  • Edie couldn’t wait. I know my dad well enough to know that bragging about proving him wrong goes down about as well as a pint of cold sick.

  • Tyres are yours, gratis. Ready when you are.

  • Guess who said "I think I'm racing on the 16th at Herne hill"?
    And guess who got told "ah, I'm in bath that day"?

    Le fucking sigh.
    @andyp get a picture of Edie telling him? Cheers for tyres, will arrange something

  • Good work Edie.

  • Di2 installed and ready to go, just need to wrap the bars. I’m hoping to race it on Thursday.

  • what is it?

  • Same as before, the Pretorius Bosvelder. When I bought it I couldn’t afford a new groupset so I swapped over the mechanical Ultegra one from the Giant. Now I can afford it so I’ve gone Di2, but with Hylex brakes and their climber switch modification.

  • Pics

  • Pre-entry for Thursday closes tonight - otherwise it's £20 on the night.

  • I'm out.

  • Registered and paid. But considering excuses.

    @Mat and @Anton_D - get those cross bikes christened.

  • lolz

  • It might be muddy so you won’t want to get your bike dirty...

  • I don't mind my bike getting dirty Mr P. I just don't like it staying dirty afterward.

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Cross season 2018/19

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