Club Run // Surrey Feelz // SATURDAY 10th March 2018

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  • Good group there - enjoy

  • Double figures?

  • I'm going to make a call on this tomorrow morning. I'm still working and drinking beer at my desk.

  • I'll come and join n the very first bit of the ride as I can't stay out today. See you at the park.

  • Sorry guys tired and hung over. I’m no hero.

  • Oops... I was resting today, thought this was tomorrow....

  • You at Crufts then ?

  • Enjoyed that. Nearly 100 miles today. The kids making us dads look bad...

  • You were flying Nath. V impressive.

  • Well deserved beer now.

    My recovery was half a Costco hot dog and a slice of BBQ chicken pizza. Was pretty underwhelming tbh ...

  • Didn’t have a lot left in the legs today by the time I got home; smashed some Mama Dough pizza in (maybe a touch more fancy than your humble ‘recovery’ meal @Ved) and a couple of beers and was right as rain. Solid route and good fun. Will post up something for next Sunday in a day or so just to make sure I don’t overdo St Patrick’s 🍀

  • I need to eat better. I had no breakfast and all I ate was 2 cheese straws and a small cereal bar. Not even a whole bidon drank either.

    Despite the suffering I enjoyed everyones company, great group of men, anyway in true Maveco style, a summary:

    1) Antons 'magnolia' sexuality
    2) Corpse hiding tips
    3) The longest tube change evar
    4) Where's Mat (x9)
    5) Surrey Drivers Saturday Micropenis parade
    6) Veds epucurian deconstruction of cheese straws (they got mustard in'em innit)
    7) All the weather
    8) Antons bibs shorts
    9) Mat Venn tantrum (standard)

  • Bet the fish pie was good ?

  • Dem shorts tho ...


  • I admit they are probably summer shorts... well comfy tho... probably a bit early in the season to be peeling off as well...

  • What are we laughing at here?

  • The matching car/table colour combo.

  • There's some right cuntybag comments from you guys on that ig post.

  • Also, the ride threads are public. Keep the 'bants' for the private ones.

  • I mentioned this on the actual club run while we fixed a mechanical, just posting here. I don't have access to the private threads as am not a member, feel free to delete whatever you like @biarittz or @Señor_Bear

    I just like the image, it was the cover photo for a 3 day sportive full of interesting characters. Am not responsible for the resulting insults on my IG.

  • Someone give him access to private. We all love Mat.

  • You have Club Chat access. The ride threads are public, so we just need to be somewhat careful what is posted.

  • At the end of the Sixth Sense - It turns out that Bruce Willis was dead the whole time.

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Club Run // Surrey Feelz // SATURDAY 10th March 2018

Posted by Avatar for Ved @Ved