New Year's Revolutions

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  • I rode to Whitby during the F500 and had fish and chips there. They were delicious but it was freezing and my back hurt from shivering.

    Sitting on the grass is a seasonal activity.

  • Whitby? Blue whale?

  • Remember when we rode fixeh bieks to Cambersands wearing cargo shorts and tshirt? I carried a fucking Abus chain all the way too.... 😂 Got there so fucking late all the chippies were closed.
    Those were the days!

  • Can quiet often be warm in late April.

    Saying that, it'll probably piss down.

  • Wrong forum.

  • Took 12 hours and a pack of jaffa cakes

  • Small chips and mushy peas is totes doable mid ride.

    But it ain't worth the crap descent into Brighton and the beach.

    See post #56

  • I remember doing my first ‘long’ ride to Cambridge and taking 2 multipacks of Snickers and 6 x 500ml of lucazade plus D-lock in a bagaboo after being scared of this fabled and rude sounding ‘bonk’ I’d just heard of.
    Took fucking ages.

  • Were you going to d-lock The Bonk in the face or something?

  • Yes! I did Bexleyheath to Petersfield (65 miles) in cargo shorts and t-shirt with a backpack full of provisions. I rode into London and went straight down the A3. It was horrific, but I caught the bug that day.

  • I know a guy who used to do London > Portsmouth in 3 hours on A3


  • I did a reliability trial with Twickenham CC about 10 years ago that included a long section on the A3. In the rain too, it was beyond grim.

  • whyyyyyyyyyyy

  • It was the route the club had used for donkey years. Went down the A30 for a fair bit too. I only rode it once.

  • That's before they became sportives where you had to pay £30 for the pleasure.

    1. Get my knee sorted (MRI scan next week)
    2. Get back to riding regularly
    3. Regain fitness and lose weight.
    4. Enjoy cycling
    5. Think about racing next year.
  • Sounds like a plan @Dan

    GWS Dahn's knee

  • So. Have done Paris Roubaix.

    What do I do for rest of the year?

    Need some motivation / ideas for remainder of the year.

    PR was a seriously good motivator!

    Anyone planning anything interesting ?

    1. Lose weight
    2. Don't put my back out

    So far so good.

  • TTing??

    I'll get my coat.

  • Coffee soon ?

  • 1

    Lose weight
    Be able to run to work and back as a new commute
    Run to work/Run back from work
    Ride a bike with my family
    Stick to a training program that incorporates running, weights, and riding a bike.
    Get a new job
    Sleep more than 6 hours at bedtime


  • Make yourself feel better by eating a whole pack of custard creams ?

  • I'm dairy intolerant.

  • Did discover anger eating this year.

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New Year's Revolutions

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