Delicate matter

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  • Does anyone have any recommendations for soothing saddle sores?

    I only have access to sudocrem.

    Any tips?

  • Heard good things about the assos post ride cream

  • Is it a boil or is it just chafed?
    If it's chafing lube or anusol?
    If it's a boil/ingrown hair - warm cloth, pop, antiseptic.

    Have you considered a bike fit/newbike/new clothes?

  • Have you considered sticking with one bike for more than a week?

  • Assos creme, pre and post are good for sores.

  • No mention of bike riding. Just saddle sores.

  • Good spot... Vedran?

  • Put a brooks on my brompton.

    Did some damage...

  • Sometimes, even chamois crème isn’t enough. Some days, maybe our saddle slipped, maybe the ride was more than we expected, maybe the time trial took more out of us, maybe we had too much chamois time after that hot hundred. The result is our undercarriage is a bit raw.


  • Isn't part of the Brooks experience 'wearing them in'?

  • Ouch

  • Its from 1960!

  • Ah, it's been worn in by someone else's arse...

    It will probably never be comfortable unless you get plarsetic surgery.

  • Donate it to the museum and get a proper saddle.

  • Homer sofa groove.

  • Assos for me, and a bloody good clean after. If you can, try to sleep in the nude so the air can get to the 'area'.

  • Good call. Fresh air too so can you sleep in the garden?

  • I find that washing my bits stop da zits

  • A lot better today.

    Used a bit of diprobase too.

  • Good news

  • Pics?

  • Too soon.

  • Always too soon.

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Delicate matter

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