Cross season 2017/18 chat

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  • Don't hold your breath, but i got a positive response to sscx in Belgium.

  • I will come and pit bitch for you.

  • Right.
    Looks at turbo.

  • It's the singlespeed worlds, if you turn up with a pit bitch you'll get lynched.

  • I didn't want to let him down by saying I've only got one bike.

  • No one puts Damo in the corner.

  • I had a look at the cross bike this week, I'd managed to put hyper voyagers on my other disc tubeless wheels and they worked!
    I sat on it and I've reached a quick conclusion that:
    I cant grab the brake levers properly, too high up the lever and can't properly apply them.

    What's best : spacer under stem or try and rotate bars/move hoods up

  • By sat on it you mean exactly that, I.e. you haven’t ridden it?

  • I’m not being glib by the way, I’d seriously recommend you ride it for half an hour before reaching conclusions.

  • I've ridden it (last month)!
    I was comparing my hand position from commuter bike to cross bike. The position of my hands on cx are higher up the levers. Also CB has hydro so even if higher up the ability to brake with one finger is still there.

    I know apples and oranges being compared.

  • Stem length ?

  • This problem needs pictures.

    Is the position the same on the commuter and cross bikes?

  • I would guess not on position being similar.

    Pcitures? are you mad?
    There's nothing straight in my house, no consistent reference points...

    Solution 1: Hydro on the cross bike
    Solution 2: Bike fit
    Solution 3: 1+2

  • I have absolutely no idea what you mean.

    Levers to high up the bars?
    Or levers just a completely different size and shape?

  • I'll try and sort some pictures.

  • Where are we with this?

  • No closer to resolution homes.

  • I would suggest:

    1) Maybe you got grip problems (early onset arthritis?)
    2) Tilt the bars up a few degrees.
    3) Wait for the weather to get warmer, your fingers will be longer and your grip better)

  • You can't be far from your next growth spurt Damo.

  • Hilarious pictures

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  • As you might be able to see. How the fuck can I pull the brake properly when my hand appears not to be in the right place? (Too high up the lever)

    I should just burn my bikes right?

  • The levers look too low on the bars. leave the bar angle as is and shift the levers up 5-10 mm

  • RHM02 bars on point tho. Got those on the Pista

  • I’m pretty sure you can adjust the reach of the lever.

  • They do look a bit low, like they've been set up with the lever horizontal a la 1980s Sean Yates Motorola style.

    What do the fitting instructions on the manufacturers website say?

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Cross season 2017/18 chat

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