Cross season 2017/18 chat

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  • thank you

  • Blast, the second HH event is on Joel's birthday

  • That'll be nice for him ;0)

  • Ha!

  • Can you not promise him some puddles to play in?

  • Is anyone racing/going on Thursday? I might be tempted to swing by after work. No racing for me tho.

    I might look for my sock while I'm there...

  • I doubt I'll be there. I want to but. Pffft.

  • I'll go if you are up for it Sam. Just to cement Andy's opinion of me, I'll spectate with you with some beers and chit chat.

  • I'll confirm tomorrow. My back is acting up again, woke up Sunday morning in agony. Might have been all the standing around on Saturday. Who knows?

    Anyways, I have a chiropractor appt tomorrow, I'll know by the afternoon if it's sorted my back out. If not, I'll be working from home so unable to attend.

  • tl;dr I'll let you know tomorrow

  • I hope that chiropractor can sort you out.

  • Moi aussi.

  • I might see if I can drop by to heckle. But I should be training on ze turbo. And bedtime.

  • 50/50 for tomorrow

    Will know for defo tomorrow morning.

  • Summer Cross in Winter Cross conditions shocker.

  • Dayum

  • 22 Rear Mechs died in battle at HH one fabled summer cross night

  • I have heard that tale. It was a tale of 105s being bought in piles afterwards.

  • That race was held in the rain, tomorrow's will be in the aftermath.

  • You're an aftermath!

  • I won't be there tonight. If anyone is racing or spectating, have fun!

  • Just looking at dates for the London X League. Due to one thing or another (TTing, wife away, venue miles away, or train issues) the first event I can make is Leeds Castle on 12th November.

    Should bring back happy memories of me finding my Garmin in the long grass after the race, and my horrible illness in the days after that turned out to be an infection eating the lining in my stomach.

  • Today I ordered
    Hylex rs brakes
    Latex inners
    Hyper voyagers
    Trekking wheels

    I've got to order
    Airshot job
    Another pair of tyres (I've got xm, what else?)

    I still won't be racing on sunday. Leeds castle maybe.

  • Bit of a trek ...

  • I thought he had a Cannondale

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Cross season 2017/18 chat

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