Cross / Adventure Bike - thoughts?

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  • A Dalsnibba Dalsnibba ride?

  • Bike is named for the duathlon Neil from Talbot has done where you ride up and down then run up that climb.

  • 1x is good if you like being in the wrong gear most of the time.

    Sounds like one of those fixeh bikes.

  • I fancy a go at that Dalsnibba race.

    Also, bobby's bike looks like exactly the thing I want.

    Was looking at a Diverge but they seem spendy.

  • Can get good discount on Diverge but you prolly only want the top one which is rather spendy.

  • Lol Dan talking about dentist's bikes. Classic.

    Didn't you own a cervelo bro?

    U.P. is seriously light fast and fun frame. Wouldn't race cross on one, just silly.

  • Why wouldn't you race cross on it? People are racing cross on bouncy bikes in LondonXLeague and having fun.
    I saw one (probably the same one) in three races. The person riding it was having fun, it acted as a "must do better than them" when I saw it.

  • Well I have a proper cross bike which I really like racing cross on.

  • Yeah but you've got a quiver full of bikes....

    To use the current terminology.

  • I use my shed to carefully curate my bicycle collection.

  • Nice

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  • 😳

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  • Santa Cruz wins

  • Wowsers... she so pretty

    It's now my go to bike. I used to be pure 100% road bikes and smooth blacktop only, but now my favourite routes are the ones that involve a load of gravel/fire road/woodland track sections with some crappy B roads joining them up.

    ^ this is absolutely what I want to be doing and thank you so much for the info....

    I dont really have a concept of how much that build would be... Wasn't looking to spend silly bucks as dont want to worry too much when thrashing it BUT the build is absolutely bang on so maybe I just need to get the cheque book out or chat to wonga...

  • All these builds like the Santa Cruz Stigmata, the Open UP etc seem to end up around 4-5k which seems a bit OTT to me...

    What do you guys think of this from Orbea - prices from 2.4 to 4k­d/terra

  • other colour schemes available!

  • ha! Shed fund was just used in its entirety and am off to get the sedum plug plants finally tomorrow!

  • Ridley cross bike with a special bobby hoops paint job.

    This could defo work - good idea Dan

  • Some of Merlin's own brand bikes were Ridley made; loads of 4za branded accessories the giveaway.

  • As are the Paul Milnes bikes.

    All rebadged Ridleys. I guess he bought job lot and had them sprayed.

    Had a look on Merlin no stock.

  • Yup; saw Tom Pidcock is riding full on Ridley brand frames this week having been on "Paul Milnes" bikes till now

    Ridley Oval track frames got rebadged by loads of t'Northern t'bike shops too.

  • Yes. I had my eyes on the Stigmata for a while, but I could not quite get over the extra cost over other bikes similarly, or better, equipped.

  • Also consider the Mason Bokeh.

  • Depends on how much you want to spend? And how much you absolutely can spend.
    It can all get out of hand pretty quickly.
    For around a grand the Ti Pickenflick gets some love.

    I'd get a cross bike, but that's me. It sounds like your budget is higher than mine, and I think you're taller, so there's definitely some of those rebadged Paul Milnes knocking around.
    I'd spend most of the money on wheels, tyres, and tubes (or not tubes - controversy). Do you want hydro discs? Do you want Di2?
    Again, me speaking, I'd keep it simple at first to see if you actually like it rather than just spunking it all on Di2 Hydro. So, I'd probably get
    ultegra cranks and BB, ultegra 11 speed levers, a pair of trp spyres, and an ultegra rear mech. Get a decent wheelset.

    And then rip the fuck out of it. Get it all sorted out, what you like, what you don't like. Change it if you want. Get it resprayed.

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Cross / Adventure Bike - thoughts?

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