Tuesday Nights in Kent 2017

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  • Crystal Palace is likely to be off, he could rope a few of the E12 field in and swap turns with them all the way round.

  • It's a powerful combination of motivational and trash talk. Check Strava tonight around 9pm after he's burned up the loop.

  • I might have a crack - those guys are always slowing me down... just checked weather bagel and conditions are near perfect

  • Excellent. There are good tactics to be had in using the wind to your advantage. Make some calculations. Good luck.

  • Watch out for the potholes filled with water from the thunderstorms predicted form 4 - 6pm. Sorry I'll miss this...

  • Now is probably a good time to think about eating ahead of the CSG night ride loop.

    If you fuel up correctly the record is certain to be yours.

    Bonne chance.

  • I have just consumed seventeen different varieties of beans and pulses in order to not only benefit from the calorific boost but to also encourage gaseous propulsion. I mean... I am ONLY about 20 minutes off the record.

    So close I can almost reach out and touch it...

  • Top tip - the CSG loop in reverse is easily attainable.

  • Probably time for a last-minute light snack, and to count out your gels

  • I have been advised by my online coach in Hungary to consume exactly 1 gel every 3 miles, so have guesstimated that to mean I need to carry 15 or so.... This seems about right from previous experience and I have no reason to doubt him..

    He also is a wrestling coach at his sons school in Kaposszekcso so really seems to know what he is talking about what with there being much of an overlap in terms of training and nutrition methods. He also suggested I fill my bidon with straight squeezed lemon juice to help the stomach settle...

  • Good luck! I'm guessing you will be half way up the long hill by now.

  • He should have crested Cudhams by now.

  • Decided to trim the sedum plants on my shed instead - next week though... next week

  • I've been given the provisional green light for next week too.

  • Welcome to the club Dov.

  • Are you going to be doing it at 5.30 in the morning, with puke/poo/both stains on your jersey?

  • Shire Lane had quite the burst water main over the weekend. Was closed totally Saturday but re-opened now I think.

  • Did it wash all the wing mirrors away?

    I was surprised to see it closed on Saturday evening, normally there's advance notice of closures and hadn't seen any. This will explain why.

  • Amazing. They should make it a tourist attraction.

  • Tell people it's Farage's bile.

  • IN for tomorrow

  • IN for tomorrow
    We can wet the babies head if Dov is able to make it

  • I have my bike with me. BUT. I have a deadline to meet. I'll keep you posted. I'm hoping the weather stays like this.

  • I'm coming. Can only have 2 pints at the end though.

  • Should we avoid Shire Lane and instead do the Xmas Tree?

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Tuesday Nights in Kent 2017

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