Tuesday Nights in Kent 2017

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  • Summer is almost upon us!

    TiK 2017 starts on Tuesday 28 March, and continues every Tuesday until 24 October.

    A nice little 50km route

    Starting from Cadence, Crystal Palace at 7pm. We aim to get round in under 2 hours and usually have a pint (or 2) at one of the pubs at the top of the hill.

    Everybody is welcome and the pace accounts for the mood of everybody. We usually re-group at the top and bottom of hills.

    What you will need:

    1. A good front light. This is important. It gets dark on the way back, the road surface is not always great. A Hope Vision 1 or similar is a good minimum.
    2. A rear light which does not blind anyone behind you (a bit of masking tape over very bright lights is recommended)
    3. A wide smile!

    I won't post each week as an event. We can use this thread for attendance lists and general banter.

  • Kapow.... want to try and smash these this year

  • What's your goal? 10? 20? 30?

  • 1 or 2

  • But I will SMASH those

  • Me and Jaygee doing a recce tomorrow night...

    We need to conflab on Crepe City BTW

  • I think I made it on 2 of these last year.

  • First one I can do this year is 2nd May 😬

  • I just wrote "i'm more likely to do the early season ones". Then I stopped and thought about what that would mean.

    Next season.

  • Popped out for a 'quick' 90km at 3pm.

    Became a 'fuck, I'm on a 120km route and I'm only half way and it gets dark in half an hour' 80km as I ride to Brentwood St in ZONE 9!

    I am WELL in the doghouse.

  • Shouldn't this be in the Monday afternoons in Essex thread?

  • I think this has the capacity to be the non club run bantz thread.

  • I plan to make as many of these as possible - I doubt I will race much this season. Having a steroid injection in my hand this week or next, so hopefully I will be able to flog myself into shape after that and join in some time next month.

    Looking forward to some Tuesday (s)miles.

  • Steroids in the hands is next-level masturbation commitment.

  • I was offered steroids in my knuckles at my last rheumatology consultation. I decided against them. It would have been into 4 knuckles. No thanks.

  • I've tried rest, stretching etc. This is my last port of call. To be honest- I'm at my wits end with it; how miserable it's made me has only been slightly mitigated by some nice holidays and being too busy at work to get genuinely depressed about it

  • Is this all from crash at track league.


  • I know your feelz.

  • Down for these sessions big time - particulrly the beer part

  • Bump. Looks like tomorrow will be good

    Remember to bring your lights.

  • I was planning my attendance this morning, but just been reminded that we have Parents Evening. Sad to miss the season opener.

  • In.

  • Don't think it's from crashing and it's the wrong hand for...

    I think it's RSI related or something - work and cycling. Started getting bad when I was doing more miles again in December, and then just got progressively worse. Exacerbated by smashing it into a rock whilst skiing a couloir and some rope work/climbing stuff while I was out there too.
    Will have a bike fit and all that crap just to check I'm not ruining everything.

  • I still have nerve damage from the BCM three years ago that will come/go dependant on volume of miles.

  • Was that really three years ago?
    Blimey. time etc. and so on.

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Tuesday Nights in Kent 2017

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