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  • The latter. Seem to be tired all the time, which means starting races tired. Which means I'm the nail rather than the hammer.

  • Let's just hope your enjoy coming down with something.

  • Worlds was interesting. Shame van der Poel punctured when he did, it was turning into quite the race.

  • His riding on that flat tyre...amazing.

  • You probably have some low-level virus zapping your energy.

  • You'll see this soon enough, but it made me laugh.­L4

  • Megalozssle.

    I totally identified with the "doing intervals till I puked".

  • Live DVV Trofee on Bike Channel today at 12:45.

    Enjoy the race tomorrow, Andy. Sorry I can't make it. I had a dream last night, I actually turned up to race. You turned up in a convertible BMW Mini with the family all aboard, driving well fast, you went to park outside the HQ which was a village hall type of affair, and smacked straight into it!

    Yes, I did have some cheese last night.

  • I arrived by train and bike today, and the family stayed at home to entertain the outlaws.

    I was entered to ride the non-championship race, with a ragtag team of whoever turned up, so signed on and headed over to the course to get a couple of laps in before the actual team championship race. Was chatting to various people whilst the Youths finished their race when my mate Dan asked if I had a team. Their third counting rider had dropped out so I was quickly recruited to ride as a ringer for Team Corridori, dashed back to the Race HQ to sign on and get my chip reregistered, then back to change tyres to the full on mud ones, and had the second shortest warm up ever, then lined up in the third group, behind Andy Taylor, without having ridden more than the first 300 metres of the course.

    The start was mayhem, with riders bouncing off each other before hitting the off camber section right after the finish line. Everyone bar the first twenty riders was off and running, then it was into the woods for more mayhem. Thankfully it settled down before the end of the lap, when I noticed my Garmin turn itself off as I'd forgotten to start it, so turned that back on. There were a few modifications to the course from last year, which made it even better and it was as muddy as last year, so slippery as hell all the way round and nowhere to relax, just full focus all the time. God knows where I finished, but it was great to be racing in a proper mudder again.

  • Btw @Demeaux I entered the first corner alongside your arch nemesis, he got a bit pushy so I had to lean on him and gently ease him out the way. He didn't come back for seconds.

  • Sounds just like yesterday's DVV Trofee race!­827896324787933184

  • Nice one Andy. Sounds like 'fun'.

  • Nice work Andy!
    That'll learn him.

  • I may have muttered "That one is from Damian" as I did it.

  • Which course was it Andy. Ardingly?

  • Great Walstead School. It's not far from Ardingly, but is only used for the team championships.

  • @andyp, did you sell your Chinese carbon bike to a bloke with a beard? Pretty certain I saw the bike and it's new owner in Victoria station this morning. Different wheels on, these had red hubs, but that same green bar tape. We were both buying a coffee from Knot. Bike was very dirty....

  • I hope it's not mine, I never sold it.

  • Ohw! Just assumed it was, unbranded carbon, it was the tape that caught my eye though.

  • He probably saw mine and thought, "That is too cool for school, must get some myself".

  • Soudal Classic today at Leuven live on Bike at 12:45.

    Good luck tomorrow Andy!

  • Thanks Sam, just hit record on that.

    Have fun Andy.

  • Thanks Sams. Am hoping the form is there, have tried to taper this week so I should be well rested (well as rested as one can be after a half term week with no childcare).

  • The form was there, delighted to finish a provisional 9th on what was a brutally tough and technical course. @Demeaux would've had a hissy fit if he'd been riding it.

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Cross season 2016/17 chat

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