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  • Excellent entertainment seeing the CX gods in action. The training sessions have paid off. @andyp was formidable, overtaking almost everyone, and closely marking his arch rival (the man with the beard). @Demeaux was unstoppable, and clearly so much better than 'the man in yellow'. @sam was legendary, especially on the long straight sections where his TT aero skills were in evidence. Good to see everyone. And great hot dogs.

  • I was just behind you at the start, but being my first mass start event (at Incredibly Cross my bike was moved and most people had gone by the time I found it!) I took the start easy, just holding my position rather than sprinting to gain places. 95% of my overtakes were either up Big Bob, or on the hurdles. The rest were from others making a mistake as they got tired. My quickest laps were my third last and last, i.e when it started to thin out.

    Winner passed me just before you dropped down and across the track, so I wasn't too far behind you :0)

  • A great debut @Sam, and a solid ride by @Demeaux.

    Thanks for all the encouragement @Will, I don't think I could've gone any harder, as the pic below shows.

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  • Oooof

    Well done Cx crew

    Top reppin today 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼

  • Top work fellas!

  • There was a shout every lap from someone in the crowd, "go, Grupetto". Was nice.

  • It does make a big difference. I remember one Muddy Hell I was riding in and @Señor_Bear was (dressed as a Frog) shouted every lap. Not sure I went any faster but it was great to hear and meant a lot.

  • @MrParker raced at mk yesterday. Said it went well.

  • Good to see you all yesterday, sorry I missed your race.

  • @andyp, have you any suggestions about my inability to constantly unclip from my pedal when dismounting? It's the final unclip from the bike. My heel naturally turns inward, so the cleat is positioned so that the heel is as close to the crank without catching it, without the resistance of the cleat the heel would smash the crank every rotation. Because of this, I have to turn the heel a long way round to the outside for it to unclip, I almost find my body ending up pointing to the right of the bike to achieve it.

    And I can't just start coming off the right side of the bike instead, because it's the same issue with the right foot! #charliechaplin

    All my bikes have to be set up the same, it's not an issue, apart from dismounting on the CX bike!

  • Unclip both feet before you need to, i.e. coast the last ten metres to the hurdle then dismount?

    How worn are the cleats? I find older cleats seem less keen to release tend to use new ones from the beginning of every season.

  • We were 14th, 31st and 44th.

  • Cheers. Yeah, I do coast with my right leg over the frame, but will have to try coasting with the left foot also unclipped but still resting on the pedal. Cleats are only three months old, they came with the pedals I stuck on the Brommy.

  • What pedals are they? I hate that last unclip, it's always a bit..."will it, won't it?"

  • Check that out.

  • I've got 2 brand new pairs of cross tires in my garden. Who wants em?

    Schwalbe Rocket Ron and something else from Schwalbe.

  • I reckon Sam (the TT) is in the market for a new pair.

  • I've just seen John Mx's photos, we so need to work on your bike carrying technique.

    I need to work on my starts, if my opening lap had been ten seconds quicker I'd have been up with those racing for the top ten.

  • That one with the arm all over the fucking shop?

  • Yes. Frame on the shoulder, arm through the main triangle, then underneath the down tube and grab the bottom of the left hand side of the handlebar to stop the front wheel swinging about.

  • I cringed when I saw it.

  • I'm interested in the Rocket Rons, but will struggle to get them from you. If anyone wants them in the meantime please help yourself :0)

  • Spuds innit.

  • I need to work on my starts, my carrying technique, my dismounting, and my handling skills. Pretty much the lot!

  • The only other skill you need is bike washing.

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Cross season 2016/17 chat

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