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  • It'll come in useful for inflating a toddler bed.

  • Of all the things in my life I've bought, this is not even in the top 50 most ridic.

  • I think they are fantastic, and I love the ethos. But the price puts me right off.

  • Same. But I needed the chuck thing for track disc and that was £105 on its own so I justified another £100 for the rest of the pump.

  • Buyer's logic

  • I got my first rapha jersey today. I didn't realise i was signing up to look like a varsity jock.

  • Wat jersey.

  • Winter. Windproof.
    I feel like I could be Ryan Gosling.

  • In terms of fit, yeah.
    I'll be testing it in extreme conditions tomorrow, early morning (6 am) ride to Paddington, train, ride to PHE Chilton. And reverse.

  • Anyone who doesn't have one of these jackets for winter riding is missing out­ir-jacket-black/

  • I haven't got one, but the Rapha pro team Jacket I got for 20p at the sample sale is damn fine.

  • Good find!

  • Winter jersey review.
    So far so decent.
    Wore it with a long sleeve base layer.
    Nice pockets. Nice fit. Warm.

    Legs are shit though. Honestly.

  • What colour did you get Ryan?

  • I also bought one of these. Really impressed so far.

    Was struggling with wearing stuff that was breathable and warm, without wearing my oven-like Castelli softshell thing and overheating. Or just wearing a million thin layers and a jacket (always end up damp and cold if I stop).

    The Rapha one is good because the arms aren't windproof, so they breathe and I don't overheat. I can just wear it with a baselayer and it works in a range of temps. Also - unlike the Castelli jacket, the vent zips are well placed, well sized and opening them makes a huge difference. I also seem to be able to wear it more than once, without it becoming a bio hazard.

    I get on with it better than the PTJ I had a few years ago - I used to find that quite sweaty, without any way of regulating the heat.

    Slightly funny sizing - after reading the reviews I went up a size and found it quite tight on the chest and sizing, but loose on the arms.

    Also - nice big pockets and a thick collar.

  • Yes Dan. I am sending back PTJ I bought in the sale. Nice and snug in chest/belly area which is to be expected, but neck and arms are loose and flappy. I know I am the wrong shape for PT, but I can't quite understand why the arms and neck are loose.

  • what size sam?

  • Come on guys. Buy a GABBA

  • ha!

  • I suppose for my height I should be skinnier, if I were a pro fit body type, and then be buying a small.

  • Time to hit gym.

  • PT training jacket is dope.

  • Interested. Would it fit me?

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Kit thread

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