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  • Don’t get me started on altitude gain.

  • I get how indoor training is great for winter fitness, but knocking out a 100k in Zwift ain't in the same ballpark as doing it on the roads in this weather.

  • Its better than knocking one out

  • Disappointed in my use of the idiom 'in the same ballpark'.

    IMHO is not ok to be using indoor trainer uploads on Starva challenges. I hope the challenges are segregated into actual and virtual

  • Not sure.

  • / flounces /

  • Agree, should only be used on challenges based on time. And if someone sits on a turbo for 3 hours as opposed to going out for the same length of time, then double kudos to them.

  • Or an assessment by their local mental health services...

  • fuck that. Riding is riding. Turbo is turbo. Getting on the turbo in the warm and dry is a different kettle of fish from grinding it through rain, road grit, salt and cold. Not that turbo sessions are worthless, but they are not rides.

    They should differentiate between riding challenges and virtual ones.

  • Seconded

  • I'm amazed that anyone cares about this.

  • Yeah, I thought we were above all this.

    Or below it?

  • Deffo below.



  • Imagine if Gutcho opened that turbo.

    He could win Zwift. For sure.

  • Weight doping wins Zwift.

  • Harsh.

  • I guess my point was that for some cyclists the challenges are a great for a casual cyclist to try to complete. Most don't get to do 500k audax and cycle the Pyrenees. For those people, who put in the work, especially in the bad weather, is a bit daft when some 'EC1ZwiftBro' knocks out the same ride in their 'WattageCottage' whilst listening to a 'Blockchain for Dummies' podcast.

    Is like allowing people on running machines to compete in a 10k

  • Only 3hrs?

  • Let them know and then close your account. Vote with your actions if you're concerned.

    I upload the odd ride to strava for shits and giggles, Zwift doesn't run on my laptop and I've stopped using trainerroad again this year as I'm doing power-specific intervals and it's kinda pointless. I turned off all the KOM notifications, I couldn't care less if someone 'wins' a challenge indoors or out. Unless they've got a number on or appear in a trackleaders list, it's not a race and doesn't mean anything.

    I might just install Zwift on my other machine and set my weight to 62kg and (metaphorically) crush everyone for the LOLs.

  • Yeah I guess unless you are actually racing is all a bit daft.

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