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  • It looks like I'm going to have to switch from using Bonts as the carbon tub/bumper/sole puts pressure on my foot in a way that the oven moulding won't sort.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for shoes for someone with feet as follows:

    • reasonably wide across the ball of the foot (though rarely wide enough to justify wide fit)
    • Regular midfoot and heel
    • Pretty low volume/arches

    I've had success with fizik before, and some with specialized (though I think the pair I have are a bit snug). Anything else I should be looking at?

    Giro? Rapha? Shimano?

    I want something supple, rather than hard and plastic-y.

  • Lake? I think they're a little wider than Specialized...­237-Road-Carbon-Twin-Boa-Shoe-Standard-W­idth/74Q4

    Might be worth getting your width (e.g. D, E, etc.) and arch measured, then working out what shoes (in theory) would fit, and then finding a decent shop to try some out.

  • I have fairly wide feet (i think a g, but I may have lost weight/mass since last measured for width).

    I get on with Fizik and Sidi. The NW patent CX things I have are a bit short and narrow, but I can cope for about an hour of racing in them.

    Stick with fizik/what you know works.

  • I've had sidi before - the road shoes were always too tight over the toes, so I doubt they will work. I tried a pair of Waynes wide fit ones once and I was swimming in them

  • ‘Hot foot’, numbness and tingling are complaints
    often reported by cyclists. The most common cause
    of these issues – and the first thing to check – is your
    footwear. As you cycle, your feet tend to swell slightly
    – the longer you cycle the more they swell. If your
    cycling shoe is too small or over-tightened the foot
    has nowhere to expand into. This squeezes the nerves
    and blood vessels, resulting in temporary numbness
    and tingling. You may have experienced the same
    ‘dead’ sensation when you have slept heavily on an
    arm or leg.

    If you experience hot foot, numbness or tingling,
    check your cycling shoe size. Standing in the shoes
    unfastened should be comfortable, with no pressure
    on the toes. When fastened they should still feel
    comfortable but when you lift your heel it should stay
    firmly in the shoe (i.e. the shoe should come up with
    the heel).

    Try different ways and levels of fastening. Everyone’s
    feet are different shapes, even though they are the
    same size. So one person may need a lot more
    tension/fastening around the lower portion of the foot
    compared with the top end and vice versa. Experiment
    with your fastening if you believe your shoe size to be
    correct. Sometimes it’s not the size of the shoe that’s
    the problem, but the shape. It’s logical that differently
    shaped feet can be better accommodated by differently
    shaped shoes. See how differently shaped the shoes
    are in the photo on the previous page.

    The toe box – the available room in the front of the
    shoe for the toes – is roomy in a Specialized shoe but
    limited in a Sidi, which has a flatter, wider style (see

    More rarely, numbness and tingling can be caused
    by the nervous system being placed under undue
    stress or compression. Most commonly this will
    be in cyclists with a saddle height that’s too high,
    forcing the leg to hyperextend at the knee – this can
    stretch a tight neural system and give the symptoms
    described. However, it is usually also associated with
    a line of posterior thigh pain.

  • I had Sidi Dominators in the mega fitting for ages but when I got my first road shoes I've always stuck with Shimano standard fitting.

    The only "pro" tier R320 shoes I got are definitely lower volume than the mid/upper level shoes but they all had adjustable insoles with inserts to adjust arch support etc. though the heat moulding isn't a DIY job.

    They're basically a Dutch cycling brand so everything is bit more northern European sized than Italian stuff.

  • Lemme know if you want Fizik.

  • I have found shimano to fit a wide but not too wide foot.

    Then again I have used the same pair for the last 6 years . Need to replace them and will be looking at shimano first .

  • Fizik shut up shop for the whole of August because Italians. Order now, get September?

  • Can you get discounts on Giro shoes Dov?

  • I'm deliberating between asking Dov for a discount on the basic fizik mtb shoes or buying the bits to fix my battered years old Sidis.

  • Giro yes but it's a proper missssssion and you get 28%

  • If you want a discount on Giro it might be easier to go to DtR and use his 20% generosity (while also being able to try on a few different things).

  • Shoes have a natural life. Throw them away and move on (to some shiny new Fiziks).

  • Just looked at the Fizik MTB shoes. They look "special" in my price range.

    Might just get these

  • Understood and thanks.

    Will take Will's suggestion or wait for Wiggle etc to discount heavily

  • I got some of these to try:

    First impressions are good - shape seems to be an excellent fit for my foot and they are comfortable. Didn't cost the earth and look rather nice (IMO). Will report back after some testing.

  • oh , i was was looking at those as well , be interested to see your report. Where did you get them to try?

  • Giant St Pauls have em AFAIK

  • From Wiggle. And by "try" I mean "I impulse bought them after a really uncomfortable ride into work and they came the next day".

  • So far (2 days of commuting and errands) the RP9's are really nice. Stiff, very comfortable, great fit, excellent venting, look nice. Will do some proper miles in them over the weekend and report back.

  • Cest combien? And other colours available?

  • Shoe doping?

  • black is also available. They were £130 minus some 10% discount I had at Wiggle. I'm sure you might be able to get them cheaper through other sources.

  • I have a pair of oxblood Redwing Beckmans uk 8 that I just don't get on with. Should have sized down, they are too big for me. In very good nick, not worn much, just need some proper leather oil on them and laces. One tongue is slightly damaged when a fox had a chew on them.

    Gratis to a Grump.

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