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  • Is anyone able to get their hands on some prizes that we could give out at our track day?

    In particular, it would be good to have some fun things for the kids... You may remember that a year or two ago we got a jersey from Nathan Haas, and the young lad who won it was over the moon. Things like that would be great, but anything really would be good.

    We could give them out as primes, or special one-off prizes for whatever we decide as the drama unfolds. Obviously we've got the usual things lined up from our lovely sponsors (the LMNH giant sausage, the NYD wheel of cheese, Canopy beer, various things from Giant, etc.) for the main events. But everyone is a winner in the CSG world, even (and probably especially) les lanternes rouges, so the more prizes the better.

    I'm thinking that between us we probably have a fair few connections, and so should be able to gather some decent swag. It would be great to be able to continue our tradition of having the coolest prizes :)

  • I will see what I can do.

  • That would be massive. Thanks.

  • Bumpz. Anything would be appreciated :)

    Anyone got any cycling contacts etc.?

  • I've returned zero so far. Will do another push though...

  • Would some £10 Amazon vouchers help for chucking about as primes or summin?

  • Yeah, I reckon the kids would like that, wouldn't they?

  • Cool. I don't want to support Amazon, but its probs better than throwing tenners around.

  • And yes, I can't see the kids complaining :-)

  • Are there races than can be sponsored for a decent prize and some recognition in return?

    I could ask work if they have anything, a mention would help. Any prize is likely to have RBC plastered all over it.

  • Perhaps unhelpfully, I'm not really sure. What sort of thing were you thinking about?

    I suppose our vibe is to: 1) big up Wayne; 2) promote our existing and friendly long-standing sponsors (LMNH, Neals Yard, Canopy, Giant); 3) celebrate other bike-related things. It would be good to keep anything we give out in line with our general groove (man).

  • I don't see why not as long as the prize is in line - what about champagne primes?

  • No wackers, will be considerate to the needs.

    Champagne is a good idea. Vouchers for the kids, Champagne for the big kids.

  • Sound cool. Bring on the corporate millions :)

  • Belgian ale primes surely?

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Track prizes

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