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  • ARGH!! The 11:50 start time for Vets 40 men is a pain. Might scupper my chances of any races this year. Joel has a play ball thing that finishes at 10:15 in deepest darkest Surrey.

  • Gender reassignment? Then you can race the women's race at 1300.

  • yes, good plan.

  • There are 3 races in fairly quick succession that you should still be able to make, Herne Hill, then Addington Park then Frylands Wood.

  • yes, got me eye on them. Gonna be tight though.

  • Sam:
    You deserve some time to race. Get the kids along, I'll try and get Alex and Miriam where possible.

  • That's not the issue, it's making the start time. Joel's Sunday club finishes in Banstead at 10:15am, have to drag Joel past the rather good playground, back home and then hoon it over to the races. Do-able if I am organized, but not exactly relaxing race prep. The old start time was not much later, but would have had that nice extra cushion.

  • That is a fucker.

  • is shooting or bombing me. Taking Joel to his club is great, it's our little time together. Cheeky hot chocolate and danish afterwards :-)

  • is shooting or bombing me.

    Good mantra that.
    It's the rushing around that's no good.
    When Dommy solves the CXVan problem, it'll all be much easier.

  • Is that muddy hell? I see Andy was an early adopter on the discs...

  • I like how andy's halloween costume is just his own skeletal body...

  • 2009 I think. I was a very early adopter.

  • Those arm warmers though.

  • Probably just worn to keep the glare from your ghostly white arms ruining all the flash photography.

  • HH is a no go for me on the 23rd. The moment you realise you booked up to meet your old school mate on the day you could make a local cross race :-(

  • Bring them along!

    Damo, the Leeds Castle event is 27th Nov.

  • Was discussing that with the family last night. I think it's on. They're off to Brighton.

  • Gonna be enjoying the water slides at Spectrum in Guildford. Edie would kill me if I cancelled that. :-)

  • Leeds Castle is a nice idea for a family day out. Laugh at Dad getting lapped.

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Cross is Coming

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