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  • Hello Dan!

  • hiya!

  • I'm in all of these.

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  • I gave up (after 5 seconds) trying to spot you in the 5th photo

  • Where the arch thing is, 2nd upright towards the camera.

    Leaning over and yodel'ing.

  • Hi, I'm Pete,

    I recently got back on a bike after moving back to London (I lived in Sydney from 2010 to 2014). Before leaving in 2010 I used to spin my legs furiously around London on a Mountain Bike that I bought in the mid-90s when I lived near Salisbury Plain and would spend hours at the weekend riding off road (there aren't many mountains but plenty of mud). I bought a road bike a few months ago initially to commute on and fell in love with cycling all over again.

    I have no significant rides to my name. I do have a bronze medal for coming 3rd in the Army over 400 metres on static rollers in the winter season many years ago- there wasn't much competition. I don't know if people even do that any more! I was also part of a team that attempted the world 24 hour distance record on static rollers the same season. We failed abysmally but managed to waste a whole Saturday doing it.

    I joined the club ride last Sunday and am keen to get out more.

    Looking forward to meeting you all.

  • Hi Pete welcome. Good to see you again. I don't think I've done anything for 24hrs apart from drinking in Ghent.

  • Hello, I'm Dan. Been a member since 2010 or 11 - can't really remember. I had met Wayne a few times through lfgss stuff or on the designer circuit and was looking for some people to ride with. He very kindly invited me to a few rides and one thing led to another...

    I'm Track Secretary of Grupetto, I live in Herne hill and can mostly be found turning left there. I've been racing/riding track for 4 years (I think), so far I've competed in a few national sprint league events, plus opens and track league etc. I am currently riding man 3 for the mighty (and ever changing) Grupetto team sprint team.
    I've also raced/trained at Strarford, Newport and Manchester. I would like to do more traveling to races.
    If you're interested in track, talk to me.

    Aside from track, I've ticked a few of the big boxes - Galibier, Alpe d'huez, Ventoux, Tour of Flanders, Mallorca with Damo and Nick etc. I would like to do more of these kind of things.
    My mum lives in mid Wales so I also do a fair bit of riding there too -some of the best cycling in the world imo.


  • I'm Track Secretary of Grupetto

    Oooh, forgot to mention, I am CTT Secretary for Grupetto.

  • Hello, I'm Jason. I can't remember when I joined. I think was in the "second intake". I'm not the secretary of anything, but my wife is an executive assistant if that helps. Here is a picture demonstrating that I can carry 2 beers at the same time.

  • ^ Beer Secretary

  • Hi all,

    I'm Jon, I was invited by Ricky to the open ride on Sunday and met a handful of you, thanks for the warm welcome.

    I jumped on the 2012 cycling bandwagon and have loved it since, predominately cycling in South London and Surrey with the occasional trip to Southern Spain and Lanzarote.

    This year I've cycled London to Brighton and more recently RideLondon100, due to work commitments I'm limited to riding a few Sunday's each month but go on longer rides midweek.

    Looking forward to meeting you all soon and enjoying a few pints.

    Here's a pic of me mountain biking...

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  • Hi Pete, hi Jon. There is a not too dissimilar picture of me floating around somewhere.

  • Hi Jon, top MTB skills, you can teach @dommyracer to do that now he has just bought one of those things.

  • I'm Dan, not sure if I was the first or second of us but I named myself twice.
    I joined the club in 2010.
    I have never raced or ridden any major events apart from Tour of Flanders.
    I'm a dad so end up riding early in the morning and moaning a lot about "not getting a pass to ride" or "having to do dad duty"
    I work for Sky and like to confuse people by turning up at work in full club kit.
    I look like my daughter, and a dog.

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  • I'm dommy, my mum calls me Dominic or something more offensive.

    I was groomed into Grupetto by Jaygee, obviously got let in via the Welsh connection.

    I suffer from incredibly sporadic motivation and fitness and there is normally something wrong with my bicycle. Usually the div that's riding it. I've ridden up some mountains and over various shitty surfaces.

    I ran the track meeting for a bit until I was let off for bad behaviour and given the microphone instead.

    I am 'in charge' of 'bants'. (not an elected position).

    Here I am doing lufts.

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  • top luft. the Gaffa would be proud.

  • Hello!

    My name is Nath. I jeffing love cheese.

    ...and bikes

  • Hi guys,

    I'm Tony - I was the random who briefly gatecrashed the club run on Sunday between Kingston and Hampton. Apologies for dashing off when the group stopped - I was on a curfew. Will be more sociable next time!

    Been riding since ~2006. I ride mainly to offset my eating habits. I have a bucketlist of European climbs that I am slowly ticking off. Unfortunately I climb like a sack of potatoes but my saving grace is that I also descend like one.

    See you on the road soon

    • tony
  • @Nath that is a massive wheel of cheese! what is it?

  • Hi Tony, welcome good to see you last week. Welcome and with eating habits as described it feels like you'll fit right in!

  • Hello.
    My name is Bobby. I was groomed into the Grupetto by the late great bossman in 2010.

    I ride bikes purely for the Instagramz, and the LOLZ. Often to be found doing as little work on the front as I can without getting called out for being lazy. I used to race bikes but gave up when I realised I'm not very good at it.

    I'm kind of a big deal in Poland.

    Can often be found getting naked in inappropriate places.

    I once beat Dov up some mountain somewhere.

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  • It is! Glebe Brethan, sadly no longer being made. Essentially an Irish Comté.

  • Welcome Dan, Pete, Jon and Tony!

  • @Bobbiego. Nice Tats, I didn't know you had that big one on your back. But then I've never seen you naked from behind before. My loss obviously.

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Say hello...

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