Road Racing and Training 2016

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  • She's definitely done more training than you over the weekend...

  • Ha! That is true. Although she would ride down the sloping park and then expect a push back up. Chip off the old block.

  • Guess who won Ride London :)

  • Nice stem brah!

  • Boonen's looking odd.

  • Who's that?

  • A Regents Park Rouleur/Choppeur

  • When you say "won" do you actually mean he "won"?

  • So used to doing early laps he left his light on.

  • Given it isn't a race, he can't have won anything.

  • Strava kudos

  • Apparently his mum was very proud.

  • The face that says "I did this on someone else's entry, oh shit!"

    Tom/Thomas Percival doesn't show up on the results site LOL

  • POW

    (they must have an interesting initiation ceremony)

  • Surprised he didn't get a nosebleed after passing Hyde Park on the way out.

  • I've met Tom at RP, before he went to the dark side. He's on LFGSS, he's a nice chap and rides considerately the 2-3 times I've met him.

    Defo blagged his spot though. Should be DQ'd for no helmet sticker.

  • Were there many interlopers who had smuggled themselves into the race?

  • I saw many bikes with no numbers on, and a few people who popped up on Strava aren't on the official results list.

    Interestingly, I have discovered that there is another N Coyte. Neil rides for CCH and finished in a time of 4hrs 17m... the bastard.

  • Can we do a swaps?

  • :(

    I'll try to do better...

  • Cheez Nath 4 Lyf

  • Reported for bullying

  • Just a couple of pics showing off Wayne's fantastic kit design. From a 25 a fortnight ago.

    Clearly on the rivet here!

  • Looking good sam

  • Good position.

    Will be interested to see how you respond to the expected UCI changes...­uct-news/how-would-no-uci-31-rule-affect­-bike-design-281626

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Road Racing and Training 2016

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