Road Racing and Training 2016

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  • Yep that's the area . I think the 10 misses out Grasious Pond Road but does go through a wooded area before going over M3 and back to the start .

  • Before the saddle tried to insert itself :0)

  • I could be tempted to ride one of their events on the road bike, could ride down from work, it's not that far.

    Can do 15th or 29th this month.

  • Sam, it's not you, it's time trials.

  • How about the 29th, @TomW @dave_mac ?

  • Is that a 10 Sam? Do you have the route? Cheers

  • As Dave says it's not a great course, but if you're both up for it I can also go along.

  • You will see I have done the 22nd fastest time this year with a 30m 12 sec on a training ride .

    Tom- it's a straightforward route . The killer is the uphill at the end ( and the potholes).

  • Cheers, might check it out this weekend.

  • I'm gong to have to pass on this now. Went out Tuesday lunch for a short hard effort, my back is not up to this sort of intensity yet, so going to steer clear of 10s intil after the Etape. Sorry!

  • Sorry to hear that Sam. Hope it doesn't impact on the Etape training

  • Cheers Tom. Just taking it easy for a few days.

  • I'll stick it in because I don't know where else.

    Trainerroad and turbo trainers.
    I know I have been off a bike for 7 months or so. But. 44w is what trainerroad reckons my FTP is.
    Does anyone have a turbo they're not using that I could borrow to retest myself and prove 44w is my FTP?

  • I've got one you can have.

    Cycleops Fluid 2 + Riser block

  • That'd be lovely. Can collect whenever suits you.

  • Tomorrow? I've got to my storage unit anyway.

  • Also, no way your FTP is 44w. It'll be at least 200w

  • Mine is currently 286w and 176bpm which is down from my post CCC high of 329w and 183bpm

  • A diminutive FTP

  • Let me get ducks in a row. What time?

  • Anytime before 2pm

  • And where?

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Road Racing and Training 2016

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