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    Not the prettiest bike light to look at - until you Xeccon Geinea I front light,no doubt, is the smallest and lightest high power light you can find, refined machined aluminum body,850 Lumens output, 2 - 5.5 hours long running time, it is the super star on your helmet and handlebar to light the darkness, light your way.

  • Racist?

  • It's a really small light, it has a remote switch, and an external battery pack.

  • Small light but battery pack. Can the pack go under the saddle neatly?

    Think I saw a courier with one. Similar back light to Dov's setup which is really big and visible without being blinding. I like that.

  • The cable's not long enough to stretch from saddle....

  • if you run it under saddle the battery pack also heats your barse


    only from torchy

  • When a man grows tired of London, he's grown tired of life.

    When a man decides road discs are on the next bike, he's also grown tired of life.

  • Cutting carbon forks is always sooooo relaxing.

  • Kinesis 4S Disc is now 'home'. Rideable but needs work still. Di2 hydro brakes are spongy still even after spending farkin' ages bleeding them. Are they shit or what? I've made a terrible mistake haven't I? Took me a bit to work out how to use road Di2 levers. #csb

  • That's not a steerer, this is a steerer.

  • They see me rollin'

  • Looks good hippy. Saw that a couple of weeks ago. Saving weight on bar tape ?!

  • Hippy's sweat is like battery acid- melts all bartape on contact

  • Cranks, saddle and wheel swap looking much better.

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  • beast

  • Black velvet

  • ooooooooooooooof

  • Looks fast

  • That's half the battle

  • Posh commuter before

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  • After

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  • Very nice. How does it ride?

  • With panache.

  • Commuter? For serious? I hope you theft-proof it.

  • i'm pretty sure there is a tidier and waterproof thing i could put the battery pack in, to keep it under the stem.

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Current Projects

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