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  • Something Romin/spoon shaped?

  • Has to be steel?

    (To be real. Something something. #earworm)

  • Ideally. Aluminium I am assuming will be a bit too rigid and not as comfy for lil' guy.

  • Material myths >>>

    My cheap and cheerful Kinesis carried me across two continents this year. It fits 32mm tyres, 160mm discs, etc.

  • Does it have to be steel? If the little guy is going to be on a Hamax style seat they have their own bounce built in as part of the design so frame material will make little difference.

    I might be selling my Boardman as I will soon be commuting on the Brompton and I can see it ending up never being used.

    It's the CX Team model from last year. Aluminium frame with carbon fork, SRAM Rival 1x with hydraulic disc brakes.

    Loads of clearance - I have 40mm slicks on it right now with full length guards and it has rack mounts.

    I upgraded the wheels from the utter crap it came with to some lighter, less crap Cosine wheels.

    If I do decide to sell you can have it for £500 and I can throw in a Hamax child seat in excellent condition too.

  • Wow Dan that is a very superb offer!

  • Do it!

  • Winner winner

  • Interested! Size?

  • Aluminium is very comfy. IMO.

  • It is a Medium/53

    You see the full geometry here­ucts/845-cx-team.html

    I agree with Ved about the comfort factor. With the large volume slicks on it is way comfier to ride than my titanium Lynskey.

    The long wheelbase also makes it super stable which would be a bonus with a child seat on the back.

  • Sounds like a great deal.

    At 32c+ frame material is kind of irrelevant. In any case, steel is no guarantee of comfort. Some of the most uncomfortable bikes I've ever ridden have been steel.

  • Do it

  • Yes, do it. I am certain that it is a very comfortable bike. I recall DanDan telling me on several occasions how he preferred the Boardman to the Lynskey. His stories were heartfelt and utterly convincing.

  • What are the ladies of CSG riding these days? Thinking of getting Mal a road bike of some sort. Think she's on a 52 (or maybe 54cm) Langster for commuting duties.

  • There are no ladies in CSG.

  • Although Anton, Bobby and Damo are lady sized so they might be able to help with tips.

  • Take my Ridley. Please.

  • Partners although to be fair when I wrote ladies I was picturing Ved in a dress (again).

  • What is it?

  • It's horrendous. Grey and black. Stickered with sciences aport logos.

    It's my standard answer when someone aays "in after a small bike".

    Nobody wants it.

  • Pics or it didn't happen.

  • That is quite ugly. It looks like a rebranded version of my old Peugeot race bike (or vice versa). Is it just the frame you're getting rid of?

  • I can confirm that frame is awful

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Current Projects

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