• Right, so I phoned Brittany Ferries and this is the deal:

    Suggest out on Thursday night 18th April
    Two ferry options:

    8.15pm Dep to St Malo and arrive at 8.15am £345


    10.45pm Dep to Caen and arrive at 7.30am for £305.

    The drive from St Malo is 2.5 hours to Lannilis and the drive to Caen is 4hrs s we would get there at approx the same time.

    My preference would be the slightly earlier St.Malo ferry as we could have some food on board etc and a longer sleep/chill.

    There is an additional cost for Cabins. 1-2 ppl ones are either £55 or £65; 1-4 ppl ones are £75/£85/£99 depending. Prices depend on if bunk beds and if inward/outward facing etc

    My suggestion would be for a 1-2 person one and a 1-4 person one... so Say £150 total cost.

    On the way back...

    There is a ferry at 10.30am from St Malo BUT I would suggest getting the 4.30pm ferry from Caen which arrives at 9.15pm in Portsmouth as this will mean we have the morning to have a quick spin and coffee. The cost of this is £305 for the car, 5 passenegers and all the bikes on the roof and back.

    The total cost is therefore going to be c£800 or about £160 each.

    What I do know is that I need ALL of the passengers details before I make a booking and some of the good cabins are getting booked up already so suggest we try and finalise who is coming in the next few days please.......

    Yes @Ved I have a chequebook and I have also filled in the registration form on the website https://www.trobroleon.com/tbc2017 and we shall see what they ask for in due course...

    When we have all registered on the website I will just send a cheque to them... its not a euro cheque book though right so will need to work something out on the exchange rate or ask them for another method


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