• 2 weeks to go so please ensure its in your diaries and sign up above......

    In terms of jobs, I have listed various roles , if there is a gap please add your name as necessary.

    M/C : Mr B.Hoops

    Sign in desk 1: Andy P
    Sign in desk 2:
    Sign in desk 3:

    Judge 1 : Ricky
    Judge 2 : Will

    Gate control :

    Track whip/control : Ved

    Results co-ordinator: Pete ( are ok for this ? its basically filling out a results book with me )

    Lap board/Bell man : Sam B

    Devil race judge:

    General /Holders:

    Riders/Team Sprint team :

    In terms of things we/I need to do :

    1. Continue to promote event , we want A cat riders to enter online to secure a Roadmans place.
    2. Walkie talkies- Tom , do you still have a set?
    3. Pick up cheese from Nathan and get it to me/Ricky/Will.
      4.Pick up Rapha prizes from Dov and get to me/Ricky/Will.
    4. Get sausage from LMNH - Ved?
      6.Pick up beer from canopy- probably me on the Friday/Sat morning.


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