• This is what i have in the organisers pack:

    • Open Seasons do not require accreditation for riders to take part, be it HHV accreditation, Lee Valley stage 4, or UK Track accreditation. The idea is to keep it as an ‘open event’. This offers riders a chance to compete against riders from other velodromes such as Reading, Welwyn, Preston Park etc and also means that you stand a better chance of populating your categories. Please do not however, specifically advertise it as an accredtation free race that anyone can enter otherwise anyone could show up.

    However the website  says:

    Do I need to be accredited to ride Open meetings?

    This is at the race organiser’s discretion. Usually riders based at or near Herne Hill will be expected to have passed a race accreditation, while riders travelling from further afield won’t be expected to.


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