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  • Just copying and pasting my post about a potential Grump TT Champs. Damo is keen, anyone else? You do get a cup of tea for free after, if it helps sway your decision. Come on Grumps, let's get a few of us together, sure beats a couple of hours off work!

    In relation to stuff in the turbo thread (basically Damo's reference to grooming), there are a series of evening events on a fast-ish 10 course in Kent on every Thursday in July. Is anyone interested in riding on one of these evenings? It involves registering on the CTT website, then signing up to the event on whatever date is chosen. This does need doing 12 days before as that is the closing date. If no one has a previous 10 mile TT time in the past 3 years (I know Damo, Dan and Dommy have), you do run the risk of not getting a ride as places are allocated on fastest time first, not date of entry. It should be Ok though, I don't think any of these filled completely last year.

    The course is down near Ashford, so a train ride out or a long slow ride is a necessity, unless of course you have a car (sorry Nick). You will need to be on a train leaving London before 4pm to avoid the ban, but first rider will be off at 6:45pm so you will probably arrive at a decent time beforehand, plenty of time to sign on and collect your number, and do a course recee if you want to (no warming up on the course once the event has started). The course itself is single carriageway, decent road surface, and is pretty quiet traffic-wise.

    So, if you're still reading, is anyone interested? I could always also do it on my road bike for a level playing field and make it the official Grupetto TT Championships?


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