Special coalition of chaos club ride

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  • Richmond Park
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  • I think it's my turn. Watch this space.

    Might be Surrey. Might be Kent. Might be somewhere else.

  • Any more takers?

    I think this will probably be a ride out of Richmond Park. I'll put up a route later.

    The weather looks good.

  • I was a maybe as I thought I had agreed a pass but the terms weren't quite what they seemed . I am now back to early morning cricket club.

  • Ok. A lot of people's expectations have been readjusted in the last 24 hours.

  • Your talents are wasted on us, Will.

  • Out of town Will I'm afraid but gutted to miss this and some of your insightful political commentary.. and no I am not being sarcastic

  • Totally Original Ride You've Definitely Under Promoted

  • ^best one wins.

  • I thought about doing a route that would stop by Sarah Olney's house (for a moment's quiet respect) and then Zac's house (for some booing) but I couldn't work out where they live...

    So, I did something random instead:


    And then of course I decided we should have a "u-turn" equivalent that goes the other way:


    I'll decide on the day. Or I might not.

  • :-)

  • Very good.

  • Any more takers?

  • I'm undecided.

  • I'm on holiday. Two weeks off bike and getting fat.

  • @andyp Maybe you just don't have the mandate?

  • Could be. My joint chiefs of staff have just resigned too.

  • Dad joke goes something like "I prefer the manly smell of denim".

  • Advisers advise, but leaders decide...

  • Whilst I'd love to join you, I have a prior arrangement to ride the Tour de Penge with Edie and some of her friends.

  • Note that it's a 9am start. We'll do the u-turn route (i.e. the second one).

  • Fair enough. Joining forces with an alternative group is quite common these days.

  • Apologies, something came up with my housemate tonight, I don't think I'll be able to make it- sorry guys!

  • Running 5 minutes late. See you in the park

  • Have a good ride everyone - I am currently the negotiating the charity cake sale table at cricket.

  • Nice route today @Will we should do that one again soon.

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Special coalition of chaos club ride

Posted by Avatar for Will @Will