Brixpetto World Hill Climb Championships 2016

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  • TNRC's famous Jonny and Shoots are doing the RoFL. Told Shoots they should join us. No reply as yet.

  • ahem - I led one of the ride outs last year thankyouverymuch

  • I am planning on going and not racing if weather permits.

  • Not only that... You also reprazented CSG in the event itself.

  • Cool. Will be good to have a decent turnout. Joining forces with Brixton gives it big numbers and a good vibe. This year's (expected) catering van should make it even more exciting...

  • Miriam told me she doesn't like Bacon or Sausage. She said she'd provide her own cake.

  • Fair enough. I can check with the catering team to see what else might be on offer.

  • Do a race Dov. It's only one hill

  • I'll race if you race

  • I was going to anyway. Did last year too

  • Warm up event available the week before, the Bigfoot CC Open Hillclimb. Umming and erring about entering at the mo. Have a week to decide.

    Last year I DNSed as I punctured riding over, Damo rode but had some terrible number pinning going on.­e-details/12698

  • Yeah, I remember your tribulations last year. It can only get better? :)

    I'm relying to the Big Foot to mark the finish line with some degree of permanence (as when I went to look for it a few weeks ago it seemed to have washed off the road!)

  • I'll go last rider. #heartbreaker

  • Good plan. I will arrange that. That will be last of everyone (including Brixton).

    Let us know if you want a support car.

  • I'd like a support car.

  • Ok. On the case...

  • So, here are the Grupetto results from last year... Will Geraint retain his crown?

    1st Geraint (03:36)
    2nd Matt (03:42)
    3rd Dan (04:29)
    DNS Damo

    Damo could be the surprise performer having good form in previous events. But then there's Mr Cent Cols who must surely put in a good time. Although Dommy will be fresh from his almost-certain victory in the Sinclair Pharma hill climb. Then again local lad Sam could marginally gain his way into the win with this skinsuit. Maybe Dan will focus his track sprint muscles and smash it. Or Amber could beat everyone.

    Wow... It's all to play for!

  • I'm in. Hoping for Lantern Rouge.

  • I will have a trick or two up my sleeve....

  • I'm going to chat with my mate at the UCI to see if I can borrow their engine detecting iPad for this.

  • I'll be 2nd last.

  • And if not I'll have a chat with my mate who works at a construction company to see if I can borrow his pipe cutter so we can check properly.

  • That's good focus on the mechanical doping. I'm necking all the drugs.

  • I should advise you that we're also in discussions with Sinclair Pharma (but let us know if you would like us to make some basic administrative errors with your samples).

  • Well....Is Cimzia on the banned list?

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Brixpetto World Hill Climb Championships 2016

Posted by Avatar for Will @Will