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    A neat solution for tubeless tyres!

    The brilliant SKS RIDEAIR (­14/SKS_SKPRIDE_SKS_Rideair_Refillable_Ca­rtridge) is the first refillable cartridge from SKS Germany.

    Ideal for those emergency moments by the roadside, RIDEAIR fills your tyres effortlessly. Produced from aluminium and high strength plastics, simply refill the canister at home using a floor pump.

    RIDEAIR has a class-leading maximum pressure of 230psi ( 16 bar ) and can be safely transported in a bike bottle cage. This simple and environmentally friendly solution is ideal for e-bikers, quickly getting you back on the road, but is also a must have for mountain bikers riding tubeless tyres.

    Can be charged from a Rennkompressor, a pump that enjoys full spare parts back up; a pump for life.

    Refer to this article and we'll sell you one for £38.50 (Exc delivery).

  • LOL

  • I’ve read Papillon - is that what I think it is?

  • pump for lyf

  • Fake account! Bad!

  • Why do you need solutions for tubeless? I thought it was supposed to be THE solution?

  • If that is to be shelved, it needs a flange.

  • Basically a Co2 buttplug. For those who can't take a proper frame pump inside them.

  • Tubeless is a solution to a non existent problem

  • It's quiet on here, so a tale to cheer you up.

    The Isen plus bits and bobs was sent off to Wallington Cycles for the build. Wally Cycles are lovely but small time and even Emma questioned their ability for this job. But there is a chap there called Duncan who knows his shiz and I figured he would enjoy the build. Plus, Pearson Cycles are asking £300 for a bike build!!!!

    Got a call from Duncan after a week. He had to order a few bits in and had started the build, all good he said, bar a problem with the frame. "Oh!". Someone else had this issue on the forum, the rear spacing was not 135mm but 127mm and the chainstay had not been dimpled to accommodate the chainset!!

    Duncan called Isen who were very apologetic and have picked up the frame to be fixed and will return it. Go Duncan for great service, he is enjoying the build and the challenges it is giving him.

  • It's been a bit of a clusterfuck by all acounts.

  • Teething pains. Bound to happen. I'm sure they will sort it.

  • Is a great opportunity to ask for a refund.

  • Bit of cold setting and a whack to the frame with a lump of wood will sort that.

    I'll do it for a fiver.

  • Oof!

    Poor Old Matt. Isen have deffo had their fair share of teething issues. Hopefully they’ll manage to get all of the second batch right first time round!

    I think they’ve introduced a QC checklist that every frame has to go through now before it gets painted, which should have been the case from the off really.

  • New bike for your collection @Ved...
    Only £22k.

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  • Eh?
    You mean there wasn't a checklist before?

    That's crazy, but I guess when you're used to small runs / one offs you're there measuring everything twice etc.

    Expensive learning process

  • While I'm here.
    Anyone want to offload a pair of crud things? My caad10 is getting them.


  • I will take two...

  • I'm going to be trialling some new Mavic Open Pro's soon...

  • Ceramics?

  • Exaliths?

  • needs more headtube

  • Discs.

  • I had fingered one of them new mavic rims the other day.
    Not bad for Mavic.

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Kit thread

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