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  • A lot cheaper than a proper custom steel bike. You'd be looking at at least £2.5k to get a similar frame built up for you by any other builder. The Isens are pretty much the same as the Talbot Audax frame Jake Brown had built (and built by th same hands), and that would have cost a shit load more than £1.5k.

  • Geo no good for stallions.

  • Isen frame and forks were cheap as chips when they first introduced them.

  • Nice one Sam. Interested to know your build plans.

  • Rob, ex-of BCC has one and likes it v much so far.

    You can get them for 1500 via lfgss. Which isn't insane money for a hand built frame

  • Yes I would need a custom geo. Next bike for sure will be full custom.

  • Intro offer was £1,299

  • Yeah I know

  • Buying a custom frame from anywhere over seas, especially the US (Europe not too bad - yet), is a hugely expensive process these days due to the sorry state of the £. Yay Brexit.

    I would get a Triton over a Moots right now. Equal quality, about half the cost. There are a lot of very talented ex aerospace welders and engineers making bikes in Eastern Europe/Russia at the moment..... but if it was my money i’d buying a UK built steel frame to get the most bang for my worthless UK £££’s.

  • Moots or Jaegher

  • How much would a proper Caren Hartley frame be? I think she is wonderful

  • Send her an email and ask! She's very nice.

    Seriously, only a complete fool would buy a Moots at full US RRP right now..... oh wait...

  • Yeah I enquired on a Moots last year and the price was daft. Basic was £3250 and with some braze ons for guards and a pump peg was £3600. Then a nice colour logo and was getting towards 4K.

    I like Jake Rusbys frames. Nice paint jobs too.

  • Add shipping & Import duty on top of that and its aproaching £5k.

    I do Rusby's paint now.

  • More if you want silver bits

  • That’s not bad. Good for her. Love that brake bridge detail

  • One day the plan is eTap (sorry Dov /Bobby) with carbon hoops, the next I am thinking Mech 105 and alloy wheels. Defo 2 x 11. I might take Di2 bits off cross bike.

    Dec/Jan are gonna be killers for expenses, new front door, tax return, extension plans, blah blah, blah. So this build will be no time soon.

  • Save some money by getting Damo to do the mechanic work.

  • Jake's cost £1,590 + fork

  • That’s ordering from a Moots dealer Bespoke Cycling in the City. Was basic £3250 for a Moots Vamoots plus a bike fit worth £200 included. Was all in no extras. But the extras were so expensive

  • Bike for life tho.

  • Kids bikes...
    I want to get Jude something he can use from 1. I like the look of the wishbone that can change as he grows. Anyone used this?

  • Toddle bike Nath.

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Kit thread

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