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  • I boughted it. Too much bargz.

  • I could see why you shouted at him then.

    My thinking and questions:
    cost of SRAM vs Di2
    what's the deal with the left hand shifter on CX1 vs Di2? (shifting mechanism and all that)
    if you got Di2, the cost of the replacement chain ring to go x1, because, or would you 46/36?
    replacement bits.

  • Hydraulic Shifters are stupid expensive across the board.

  • Can just about make out andyp at the back of this shot, on the startling for tonight's race

  • Go Andy!!!

  • I didn't see you Denny, you should've shouted. (Maybe you did, I was deep in the hurt locker for most of that).

  • I wasn't there, I found the photo on Twitter. How did you get on?

  • Strong 5th floor showing again.

  • Pretty good, despite hitting a hole towards the end of the first lap that caused my bars to move round in the stem. Was rocking the Sean Yates look for the rest of the race, but it didn't affect me too much, bar on a couple of corners each lap.

    Got a decent start and moved up in the first couple of laps, then got in a duel with my mate Dougie and managed to drop him with a couple of laps to go. I'm not sure where I finished but I didn't get lapped by one of the Taylor brothers (who won) or Matt Webber which was a result on a 4 minute lap. Jason Cattermole reckoned I was top 5 based on who passed him, but it's hard to know if that's accurate. The legs were good though and a 42x18 gear was just about spot on for that course.

  • Nice work :0)

  • Well done Andy hard work paying off!

  • Bloody good work

  • Nice work Andy!


  • Nice work Andy P! Doing the jersey proud!

    Did anyone else race?

  • Loads of people raced judging by the photo... ;-)

  • Great job :)

  • We all had good excuses.

  • @andyp If you had been paying attention at the start, you could have gained a few places.

  • I forgot you're the expert.

    The old fellas started 30 seconds after the young fellas, with the women 30 seconds behind us. I was in the second row, right behind someone I know who is a fast starter. It worked well.

  • Love an armchair DS ;)

  • Headshot!

    Nice picsĀ­-1

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  • Not sure bout dat bar "angel"

  • Cool pic!

  • despite hitting a hole towards the end of the first lap that caused my bars to move round in the stem

    It was like this;

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Cross is Coming

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