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  • I'll get much more satisfaction from throwing it in a river once i no longer need it to upload rides.

  • With my Air, I can snap it shut, it goes into sleep mode and it's raring to go when next opened (as long as I remember to shut down Safari).

    Do that with the Pro and the battery always drains, even in sleep mode. This leads to Bobby-esque fuming at how long it takes to fire up (albeit it's still much better than Windows).

    Any tips on that?

  • Use your Air more?

  • Buy another Air?

  • Reset Pram and SMC, update the OS, install a solid state boot drive in place of the DVD drive...

    Then throw it in the bin and buy a new one.

  • Seriously though, doing the first three will help.. I suspect that spinning drives always drain battery slowly, so an ssd will help too.

  • Thanks Dan (and Jay and Andy)

  • Do you guys not use Garmin connect on phone to upload to strava ? I think that's easiest and fastest way ?!

  • Garmin connect and my fenix2 play silly buggers. Takes a bit of a faff. But it does mean I don't have to turn a PC on.

  • Dave da rave has the Garmin in stock at St Pauls 😉

  • I use Garmin connect and Bluetooth with my 810 and it works a treat now they have sorted out the app connectivity.

    No doubt they will fuck it up with the next update #stupidgramins

  • Android/apple?

  • my 800 has no bluetooth/wifi, so the only way to upload off of it is to spend 15 minutes looking for the usb cable, and then wait 1o minutes for the mac book to boot up, then another five minutes for safari to open.
    I normally spend this time eating junk food, so its not all bad.

  • My 800 still has the original firmware on it and refuses to mount unless you force mount it by holding down the lap button. It's a real dick. I hate Garmins.
    At least training peaks has drag and drop uploading now.

  • What Dan said, put in an SSD in place of your Hard Drive.

    Instant wakeup and definitely better battery life. Primary drive should be in the primary bay though, in place of the HD. The SATA bus in the optical bay is slower.

    I'm rocking double SSDs now, its like a Macbook Pro Pro

  • My original SSD in a 2014 MBP died horribly, it was only due to EU law that I was able to get an out of official warranty replacement. #postbrexitproblems

    Anyway aren't SSDs expensive?

  • Maybe they will get cheaper if we have a trade deal with China ?

  • Let's hope they'll chuck a life raft at the leaky little boat as it drifts aimlessly into the stormy sea.

  • Parts cost is minimal. Apple charge a fortune for them. will do the part and install for most mbp'mbp for ~£150

    Fill up your ram at the same time and have a party.

  • I bought a Samsung 850 Evo 500gb drive from PC world for about £125 (same price as anywhere else and picked it up same day).

    Installed it in about 20 minutes myself - it's dead easy.

    The next day on 'Amazon Prime Day' they had a 750gb Crucial drive for £100 so I got one of those as well. £20 for the Optical drive bay thing, another 30 minutes work and I'm SSD to the MAX.

  • You should work in computers Dommy

  • I used to but it was full of nerds.

  • It's easy - you just follow a step by step youtube tutorial. Same goes for replacing phone screens etc.

  • And graphic design

  • Molecular biology as well.

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