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  • The full test protocol is as follows:

    • Do a standardised 15 minute warm up. The recommend WU is a progressive build up where athletes ramp it a little higher every 3 mins and then end in a 10sec sprint.

    • Then do a maximal 3 min effort. That means, go out as hard as possible and hang on. If they have access to power or speed then try to hang on to a speed they cannot sustain for 2 mins and then keep pedalling. The idea is that they cannot ramp it up at the end of the 3 min effort.

    • Have a 30 min rest. Have some food or gel or drink.

    • Then do a 12 min paced effort. This isn't like the 3 min effort but they should be on the red line the whole way. Again, they shouldnt be able to ramp it up at the end but they shouldn't be dying.

    Does this answer your question? If not then let me know and I can see if there is any more information


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