• Just whilst it's fresh in my mind (and off the back of a welcome nudge from @Ved), and to help others who may have considered but not ventured to the event, I thought I'd give a quick write-up on the Mallorca 225/312 based on what I recall from the blur.

    Cycling and walking in Mallorca outside the event
    Myself and two friends arrived on the Saturday before the event to get some initial riding in around the Tramuntana mountains and another spin further inland (weather and fitness permitting). Can't really say much beyond what's been said before - the drivers are considerate, the climbs are relatively lengthy but manageable, the landscape is nice and luscious, the coastal views are beautiful (see: Deià), the road surface in the mountains is brilliant, and the towns are serene and charming with their fair share of nice cathedrals, monuments and coffee stops.

    A couple of really noteworthy moments were:

    • The ride up Sa Calobra at about 7pm when traffic had considerably died down, meaning the descent back down to Pollenca past Lluc via the Coll de Femenia was absolutely stunning. If you're in the mountains then absolutely leave the bits you're excited about until earlier in the morning or last thing in the evening. I think we only met about 2 cars on the total descent and it was just perfect.
    • Morning sunrise spin to Cap de Formentor (https://www.strava.com/activities/153037­4152) was again just far more enjoyable due to how peaceful the roads were. The tree-filled sort of straight section after the first descent towards the lighthouse is really picturesque, just watch out for the goats. It's also worth ascending further toward the first viewpoint at a sort of tower (to the right from here: https://goo.gl/maps/P9tZXd56iPn) as the view's just as good and it's less frequented.
    • A walk near the GR221 route round Soller and Deià was one of the best walks I've ever done. This little coffee house was an unexpected surprise: http://www.shellyshumblekitchen.com/son-­mico-soller-mallorca/#.WudomtPwZ-U, and the swimming and walking/climbing around the coastline was really serene. Just picture-perfect views and a nice mix of walking trails (can be pretty challenging at times in terms of terrain and ascent, but worth it). I'll see if I can dig out the route which my friend used.
    • The ride to Santuari de Cura is a nice diversion from all the busier roads in the mountains and takes you to one of the highest inland viewpoints from which to view the best scenery on the island (this fella here: http://www.cyclinglocations.com/puig-de-­randa-cura-climb-mallorca/). Cake selection at the top is nice and varied, including a creamy carrot cake and a nice berry cheesecake. The outward section of the route (https://www.strava.com/activities/153289­3876) we took included lovely sections through the towns of Muro and Montuiri.

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