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  • In true Grupetto style we have almost done something about this. But not quite.

    Let's get some tickets sorted by the end of this week for Friday 28th October at 17:30.

    If you can definitely attend and will cover the cost of a ticket, then click the attendance thing above. Using that logic, currently Grahame, Ricky, and I are CONFIRMED.

    Tickets aren't cheap... They are either £49.25 or £38.50 (unless anyone has a magic discount?)­ndon-session-4-london-28-10-2016/event/3­500505AF26BA3D9

    If we went for the more expensive tickets we could get a big block together in GW123 which looks good. Otherwise it looks like we would need to go into one of the back 5 rows on one of the side sections. Feel free to express a preference and I will go with the majority view.


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