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  • This series of opens is only in July :0(

    The Bexley 10s are still being run, but after complaints from locals they no longer finish in Eynsford village. Instead the start and finish lines are on the A20 down near the Eynsford turn off. This means the first 5 miles is all uphill (as opposed to 3 1/2 on the old course) so everyone gives it a swerve nowdays.

    San Fairy Ann CC do a club 10 on the Harrietsham Q10/22 course on Wednesdays, they have events on the first three Weds in August? Course can only be described as rolling, with a gift hill finish. Personally I don't like the course as I don't have the raw power to push up each little climb, but if most can make August dates then I'm game. Here's the Strava gubbins:­hl=en-GB


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